Meets Mike, CEO of Safemoonomics “Together we moon! Safe Mooning by SafeMoonomics.”


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1) Thanks for coming by. Can you give an introduction about yourself? Tell us about your tell members too.

I am Mike CEO of SafeMoonomics. My team and I bring an eclectic array of skills to this project such as digital marketing, consulting, media design, product application development, and prior ownership experience from different businesses. Our experiences come from multiple industries including real estate, pharmaceuticals, construction engineering, airline, and the financial sector. We are KYC Veriff and We have the first audit from RugFreeCoins.

2) What is SafeMoonomics about?

SafeMoonomics is as most important a community-driven project. Our members have the chance to really involve and have fun with our project. We are about earning passive income, supporting Safemoon and creating as much wealth and happiness for our investors.

3) Can you share with us your tokenomics? Tell me about your 5-7% reflections and how it makes you different from others?

SafeMoon in reflections is unique and it makes us a support token. We will hold both, Safemoon and SafeMoonomics. By holding SafeMoonomics you earn a lot of Safemoon reflections- Isn’t this unique compared to others :>

4) I have seen that you have a quadrillion tokens, what is your plans for a burn, and do you plan on doing more in the future as well? Tell us more.

We are actually thinking about burn events stay tuned! Burning happens when a cryptocurrency token is intentionally sent to an unusable wallet address to remove it from circulation. The address, which is called a burn address or eater address, can’t be accessed or assigned to anyone. Once a token is sent to a burn address, it’s gone forever. So stay tuned.

5) Walk us through your marketing plans for the rest of the month. Can you tell us about your sweepstakes and how people can be entered into them?

We have no sweepstakes, we want everyone to be able to join our project and that everybody can have the opportunity to invest in our project. Our presale on Pinksale is going live very soon, make sure to keep an eye on us!

PinkSale is a protocol aiming to provide users with the capabilities to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. No code is required, simply navigate through our terminal and design your own token and token launch with just a few clicks. If you do not know about Pinksale, you can log in to to find out more.

6) Kindly share with us your technology/ product road map.

If you go to our amazing website, you can see our roadmap and events on our whitepaper. We will always deliver.

This is the link to the whitepaper:

7) How is your listing plan like? Are you going for more DEX or CEX?

Yes, we are actually, we are open for exchange talks and offers. In the future, we will list CMC and Coingecko. We are now listed on Coinsniper and Coinvote.

8) Do you plan on partnering with Safemoon officially in the long run? What other partnerships should we be expecting?

A lot of partnerships with university’s and the NFT collaboration will be amazing. And if Safemoon reaches out to us we can always have conversations but we did not have contact yet.

9) How about sharing a famous quote that will make our community remember you?

“Together we moon! Safe Mooning by SafeMoonomics.”

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