In Conversation with Sai Ma, Chief Scientist and Co-founder of PlanckX “Explore, Play, and Earn”


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1) Thanks for coming by Studio. Firstly, tell me more about yourself. 

Hi everyone, this is Sai from PlanckX, a gaming aggregation platform and NFT marketplace. My work experience has mostly been in the AI industry and I used to work at Standard Chartered Bank, Sinopec, and Amazon in various functions. I have an MBA from the University of Oxford and is currently working towards another master in computer science. I am now Chief Scientist and Co-founder of PlanckX and mainly focus on our product development.

2) What is PlanckX? And what is the main objective of it?

PlanckX is a game aggregation platform that runs on blockchains. In the traditional gaming industry, gamers spend a lot of time and money but can only get limited financial reward. Worse is the fact that their digital assets exist only as centralised data under full control of developers. PlanckX is here to change the status quo, by moving game assets onto blockchain and creating a place where they can be freely traded. It is a one-stop-shop for creating, releasing, and trading digital game assets. It also provides game developers with full-process support including incubation of game projects, one-click release of digital assets, operational support, etc. Gamers can also experience various play-to-earn GameFi products on our platform to earn and trade digital assets.

3) What vision do you have for PlanckX?

The Metaverse and crypto industries are developing in a way that we had never imagined possible. Although still in the making, I firmly believe they are the future.

As one of the pioneers in the game, PlanckX aims to become the largest gaming NFT marketplace and a top go-to place for finding out new games.

4) What Differentiate PlanckX from the other Gamefi platform?

PlanckX provides full technical support for traditional games to go on-chain. Our SDK enables one-click creation of NFTs and easy integration of NFTs into gameplay, ensuring both game playability and value of NFTs.

We also have a unique Layer 2 solution to improve transaction efficiency and reduce costs, while fully living up to the principles of safety and decentralisation of blockchain.

5) What kind of solutions do you provide to help traditional games to combine with the blockchain?

Our many years of previous experience in the traditional gaming industry allows us to understand their needs more precisely. We have developed our solutions in four different levels: 1. Easy creation of on-chain digital assets 2. Integrate on-chain digital assets into gameplay 3. Move entire game economic system or gameplay on chain 4. Use Layer 2 technology to ensure high efficiency and low costs. These solutions allow traditional developers the flexibility to decide how far to go on-chain and have better control of what they do.

6) What are your views on the current Gamefi and Metaverse market?

History is happening right now. Metaverse has begun to gain traction outside recreational industries and to penetrate the mainstream market.

In terms of specific applications, GameFi is already an integral part of the metaverse, as is the blockchain technology, and together they redefine the game industry. Integrating NFTs to transform the game economy is one of the biggest innovations currently driving games and metaverse applications.

Innovations in tech and business models are coming up by the day. I wouldn’t be surprised however different the market will be in a few years’ time.

7) For individual investors, what opportunities do they have in this Metaverse revolution?

The current Gamefi model relies on distributing project tokens. For people who don’t want to spend too much time studying DeFi products or for most non-crypto native people, it is a more friendly way to set their feet in the door.

As long as the projects need to distribute tokens, GameFi may continue to exist. However, whether the distributed tokens are for short-term speculative purposes or long-term value preservation, is up for individual investors to carefully distinguish.

For investors, I believe the most important thing is to focus on long-term ecological development and find truly valuable innovations and projects.

8) How can users participate in PlanckX’s ecosystem?

For game developers, they can purchase the CUBE (a type of NFT) released on the PlanckX platform so that the game can be connected. The number of game players and the number of game-related NFT transactions will determine the level of the CUBE. The higher the CUBE level, the higher the staking income for the developer.

For gamers, they can participate in the games to get ecological rewards. The more online time and contributions, the more rewards they can get. At the same time, they can also participate in various operational activities launched by the platform and trade NFTs.

At the current stage, developers can upload game content to the platform and mint NFT assets. Players can trade NFT assets in the market and use them in the gameplay.

9) Could you tell me about PlanckX’s follow-up development plan and future goals?

We are at the starting line of a new technological wave. We are committed to upgrading the game experience of players, empowering the traditional game industry with blockchain technology, and guaranteeing the safety of players’ game assets. We will strive to build PlanckX into the world’s largest gaming NFT marketplace and a top go-to place for finding out new games. We want to create a new game world where players and developers can freely connect and generate unlimited possibilities.

10) Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers? 

Blockchain is an elegant step towards the democratisation of information and trust.

Blockchain is yet another great attempt from the tech community to revolutionise our world, for the benefit of the general public.

It echoes each individual’s inner call for openness and fairness. I can’t wait to see the transformation and am excited to be part of it.

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