50,000 people won the lottery, who is trying to adopt digital RMB red envelopes


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Shenzhen’s tens of millions of digital currency red envelopes were officially distributed. At 18:00 on October 12, the digital renminbi, which the whole people expected, came out. Received the winning text messages and download links, opened a personal digital wallet, and received a digital RMB red envelope. Among the 1,913,800 reservations, 50,000 lucky winners took the lead in witnessing the true content of the digital RMB. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned that the use of digital renminbi red envelopes is specifically divided into two categories: “users scan the merchant’s receipt code for consumption” and “merchants scan the user’s payment code for consumption”, which can support more than 3000 pilot merchants in Luohu District, Shenzhen. , At present, the winners have come to the store to inquire about the experience.

Winner’s chief digital RMB red envelope

From the announcement of the digital renminbi pilot program on October 8th to the official release of red envelopes on October 12th, from 1,913,800 people claiming to 50,000 people signing, the digital renminbi has become the focus of attention of the whole people in 4 days.

“The inquiry has been won, and it has successfully become one in 50,000.” Liu Ming (a pseudonym), who claimed to be the lucky one, showed to a reporter from Beijing Business Daily the medal of winning the “Luohu Digital RMB Red Packet” pilot activity on his mobile page. . At 18:00 on October 12, he successfully received the winning text message and download link sent by the SMS platform of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, downloaded the “Digital RMB App” according to the instructions on the page, and opened the “Personal Digital Wallet” of the bank selected during the appointment. .

After that, Liu Ming completed the registration of the “Personal Digital Wallet” according to the SMS prompts, without having to bind a bank card, and following the red envelope prompts, he received the 200 yuan digital RMB red envelope. “Currently, there are not many options for wallet management. If you want to withdraw money, you need to bind a bank card.” Liu Ming said.

According to the “Personal Digital Wallet” page provided by Liu Ming to a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily, from the appearance, the digital renminbi is the same as banknotes. The red color is selected. The logo of “People’s Bank of China” is printed on the upper right corner, and the center position will be clear. Displays the face value of the digital renminbi. From a functional point of view, at present, the wallet can support scan code payment, party dues payment and other options. However, the tones of the digital renminbi bound through different banks of China Construction Industry and Agriculture Company are different, including different background colors such as red, green, and blue.

There are 3389 merchants just as excited as the winners. According to reports, the merchants participating in this trial involve shopping malls, supermarkets, living services, daily retail, and catering consumption. Merchants such as Sinopec, Wal-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, Baixing Pharmacy, and Huaguo Xian are listed.

In order to welcome the digital renminbi, merchants have also worked hard. It is understood that before the red envelopes were issued, the self-service customer service terminals of pilot merchants and pilot subway stations in Shenzhen had already placed the “digital RMB” logo. Some pilot merchants in Luohu District of Shenzhen also told reporters from Beijing Business Daily that they have prepared devices that support digital renminbi payment, which will be available after 18:00 on October 12.

Enter the stage of assuming currency functions

Although this red envelope pilot activity is still a routine test in the digital renminbi research and development process, it is of great epoch-making significance in the eyes of industry insiders, that is, after years of exploration and experimentation, the digital renminbi officially meets with the public. And began to enter the stage of assuming currency functions. As Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economics of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said, the digital RMB red envelopes issued this time give it the same means of payment as cash. Although it is not possible to realize the means of circulation due to the limitations of its public welfare itself, this It has approached the core functional value of real money.

However, the public is still more confused about the specific difference between the digital renminbi and the current digital payment? Pan Helin pointed out that previously digital payment methods such as Alipay had to be bound to bank cards, and all capital flows are still inseparable from bank card accounts, so they can only become an electronic payment method based on bank accounts at best. This time, the digital renminbi red envelope is different. It can be independent of the banking system just like real currency. The red envelopes issued this time are closer to real cash.

“The launch of the digital renminbi red envelope signifies that its scene application has entered the stage of landing. For the public, they can enjoy more convenient payment services through the use of digital renminbi. For merchants, early docking of the system is beneficial Attracting customers can also speed up the pace of its digital renminbi payment applications.” Su Xiaorui, a senior researcher at the Sack Research Institute, pointed out that the latest research and development of digital renminbi is progressing well. The overall style is stable and gradual, taking into account efficiency and safety. The pilot program has gradually rolled out its application.

Related financial terminal launches will accelerate

The major breakthrough of the digital RMB is inseparable from years of research and development and pilot projects. As early as 2014, the central bank set up a dedicated team to conduct special research on digital renminbi. After many years, it organized some powerful commercial banks and institutions to explore the frontiers of pioneering trials. Since the beginning of this year, the central bank’s research and development test progress in digital renminbi has been greatly accelerated.

Pan Helin said that Shenzhen’s red envelope is a milestone in the implementation of the digital renminbi. After this important point in time, the next step will be more extensive pilot projects and a more standardized two-tier operating system.

“The application in Shenzhen in the form of red envelopes means that digital renminbi payment and clearing technology has reached a certain scale of technical requirements, and from the recent voices of policy departments to actively promote digital renminbi research and development, subsequent investment will inevitably be greater.” Shanghai Liu Feng, director of the Blockchain Technology and Application Research Center of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Change Management of the University of International Business and Economics, pointed out that this move is a major benefit for the implementation of digital RMB in the real economy, and it is also beneficial to businesses in online payment and new finance-related industries. Play a more active role in promoting.

Looking forward to the follow-up, Liu Feng further stated that the research and development of digital renminbi will pay more attention to user use, such as enhancing interaction design, interface friendliness, and functional feedback efficiency in the user experience. From a security perspective, more attention will be paid to information security, fund security and privacy security at all levels of the front, middle and back ends. I believe that the future digital renminbi will be more usable, more convenient and safer.

Su Xiaorui said that from the supply side, the digital renminbi-related system transformation and financial terminal launch will accelerate; from the demand side, the follow-up pilots will continue to be rolled out in an orderly manner, and more people will be safe and secure. The digital renminbi is gradually exposed to and used in a controlled environment.