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Profit taking Bitcoin miners won’t stop the next bull run: On-chain analyst

Historical data shows that some miners began to sell Bitcoin (BTC) at the end of July, leading to increased selling pressure in the cryptocurrency...

No, a quantum computer won’t instantly reward you with 69,000 Bitcoins … yet

A Bitcoin wallet with nearly $700 million is up for grabs — but anyone intending to be a “crypto thief” and nab it will...

Why Soaring Gas Fees Won’t Let An Ethereum Killer Gain The Upper Hand

Ethereum has both benefitted and its rep been harmed from the recent explosion in farming for DeFi tokens. As investors poured liquidity into these...

Bitcoin (BTC) buyers and sellers won’t let the price progress

Bitcoin price has been seeing quite a bit of negative performance in recent weeks. Overall, the price appears to be stuck in another limbo, this...

No, Crypto Payments Won’t Ruin Russia’s Financial System, Key Players Say

As Russia is about to officially ban crypto payments within its borders starting on Jan. 1, 2021, Cointelegraph tracked down some senior executives in...