Air purification platform PURE, Puriscan 2.0 development completed


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Air quality measurement information solution PURISCAN 2.0 main dashboard.

[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] On the 29th, it was announced that Purivever, a blockchain-based air purification platform, has completed the development of Puriscan 2.0 ahead of the launch of the mainnet.

Puriscan is an indoor air quality management solution integrated with detection equipment as a fine dust meter developed by the Fourier Foundation. The information measured by Puriscan is provided quarterly as an air quality monitoring report, and the data is measured in real time, analyzed based on the location specified by administrative district, and then uploaded to the Purimap.

In this Puriscan 2.0, PURE coin compensation payment and PURE coin withdrawal function are provided according to the linkage of air quality meter and data provision.

Fourier has carried out various projects to construct a clean air ecosystem, such as attaching a bus mask to the municipality of Seoul to reduce fine dust, and donating a mask to the UN Habitat for areas vulnerable to Corona 19. Fourier announced that it is currently in the stage of completing the test net development before the mainnet launch, and is about to release the mainnet after the test proceeds.

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