Check out which boutique chain games are available on Solana, whose market value has repeatedly broken new highs in recent days


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Following the on-chain gaming fire on Ethereum, Solana may also usher in GameFi’s “highlight moment”.

Written by: Peter [email protected] Ventures

The current chain games are still in an early stage. We found that many chain games have not been able to get rid of NFT-based card games, but their development speed has exceeded our expectations. A large number of boutique games such as Star Altas, Guild of guardians and Gold fever will be publicly tested in the first and second quarters of next year, and we may usher in Gamefi’s explosive moment.

Foresight Ventures sorts out various public chain developing game projects. This article will focus on Solana, aiming to find the next possible explosion.

This article has a certain subjective color, and the game project has not yet been launched, and there may be a certain degree of deviation. I hope you will treat it rationally.

Project name: DeFi Land

Official website :

Game types : simulation business, strategy game

Game tags : land for sale, Q version

Benchmarking game : Dream Town (traditional mobile game)

Game content : In the game, players can simulate farming for operation and production. In version 2.0, a battle mode will be added to enhance gameplay. The game is divided into infrastructure and NFT facilities. The infrastructure includes banks (loan aggregators) and warehouses (for Cultivated land provides seeds, and the conversion to DeFi is to provide liquidity tokens), markets (transactions through AMM and liquidity providers such as serum and raydium), NFT facilities such as granaries, after purchase, will help the land obtain an additional 5% The weather system is set in the game, and the change of weather will be determined by your location and market conditions, which greatly simulates the environment of crop growth; in addition, there are also some mini games, which can be obtained through mini games Additional benefits.

Token economy : The native token of the game is DFL. In addition to governance, users can use it to upgrade land, buy skins, buy NFTs from the market, etc. In addition, after the game is launched on version 2.0, they can participate in betting and competition in battle; a public offering will be launched in September. The specific distribution model will be announced at that time.

Play to earn : You can get tokens and NFT rewards by checking in daily and completing tasks or achievements according to the game guidelines. In addition, the game will regularly hold events and competitions to obtain additional rewards; after the battle mode appears in the future, players can also capture Earn income by land, grabbing resources, etc.

Team information : There are 7 team members. Team members have extensive experience in multiple industries such as VR, AI, games, financial technology, and ERP. They have also worked with large banks and retail companies in multiple regions.

Investment institutions: currently acquired Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, JumpCapital, Rarestone Capital, Kyros Ventures, Double Peak, CryptoJ, Illusionist Group, Dialectic, Ankr,, Transfero Swiss, Coin98 Ventures, Rok Capital, Youbi Capital, Caballeros Capital , 3Commas, MXC, Solar Eco Fund, GBV, Skyvision Capital, NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation seed round financing.

Route map :

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Comment : DeFi Land is a game that combines DeFi and GameFi ingeniously. The DeFi protocol is gamified in the game, and different assets represent different currencies, such as SOL for sunflower, USDC for corn and COPE for pumpkin. In the game Joining different agreements by participating in planting and production, and demonstrating the characteristics of different agreements to players, so that more novice players can learn and understand DeFi knowledge and earn income in the way of games. This is an educational significance greater than the significance of the game. Great attempt.

I was surprised by DeFi Land’s fantastic idea, but at the same time worried about whether its game is too difficult to make. According to the official roadmap of the project, the game will be launched in Q3 quarter of 20 in the internal beta of version 1.0, and version 2.0 will be launched in Q1 quarter of 21, of which 1.0 The version can only simulate DeFi protocol functions with fake assets through educational land (practice mode), but can version 2.0 really carry all the content of the game perfectly?

DeFi Land is more like a DeFi introductory education system. It may become the first stop for the novices to learn DeFi knowledge. It has corresponding landing scenarios and special status, but how to precipitate users in the future is a question worth thinking about. I will still I wish the project good wishes and hope that it can promote the large-scale development of the blockchain field.

Project name: Project Seed


Official website :

Game type : ARPG

Game tags : dark wind, development category

Benchmarking games : illuvium, monster hunter

Game content : The plot of the game is set as the world is about to be destroyed. Players need to find the truth of the world by looking for guardians and save the sanctuary from destruction. Players will begin their journey in Hunter Port, a small city at the western end of Sandrocks, where players can learn the combat system through tutorials.

Players have three main professions to choose from, namely mercenary (hand-to-hand player), archer (ranged attacker), and alchemist (the largest output in the team). In addition, players can also choose 6 seed classes. They are blacksmith, tailor, chef, carpenter, alchemist, and breeder. Players need to find learning recipes and upgrade levels for each seed class. At the same time, each subclass can open a corresponding shop.

The unique characteristic dungeon creator mode of the game. Players can create their own dungeons for other players to play. The provider will get income from players who enter the dungeon. The creator can manually decorate each part of the dungeon while capturing After zed, place it in the dungeon. In addition, a number of mini-games such as fishing, logging and mining are also designed in the game.

Token economy : SHILL, the native token in the game, will open IDO in Q3 of 21.

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article
Play to earn: Players can get dropped equipment and items for sale by killing Zed, or they can be made into weapons or armors from monster materials. Different characteristics of the beasts will make weapons and armors have different effects; the game China can also get tokens or item rewards by joining guilds, participating in guild tournaments and winning.

Team information : There are five core founders, two of whom have Binance-related backgrounds, and the rest have backgrounds in program development, community operations, and game development. The team members have rich experience.

Investment institutions : Exnetwork Capital, Moon Whale Ventures, Tokenmilk Inc, will open a public offering in Q3 this year.

Brief comment : The game will start the internal beta in the fourth quarter of this year. If this is an ARPG game, it may have strong playability, and the unique dungeon creation mode and game guild content will enable players to enjoy team play The fun of gold, this will be a very good game experience. At present, the content of the game has not been seen from public channels, and the development process of the game may be uncertain.

Project name: Star Atlas

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Official website :

Game types : shooting games, ARPG

Game tags : 3A, virtual engine, Star Wars

Benchmarking games : Star Citizen (traditional online games), EVE online

Game content : There are three galaxy factions in the game, namely the MUD territory ruled by humans, the ONI area of ​​the alien race alliance, and the Ustur star area controlled by robots. Each faction will be divided into three parts, namely the safe zone ( Learn the basic skills of the game, such as rescue, battle and salvage), middle area (players can fight, but assets will be reset if damaged), and boundaries (players will destroy assets completely through battle, destruction is a permanent event, but only Some assets will be permanently destroyed).

Players can freely choose four career types in different directions according to their preferences. They are killer (by attacking space and ground mining structures, killing or looting other players to gain income), and achiever (by reaching the rules of the game world to obtain rewards, such as collecting Certain ships and gathering enough mineral resources), explorers (exploring the stars in the universe, you can scan and record the location of resources, and sell coordinates on the secondary market for profit), socializers (through the establishment of organizations, resource sharing, so that players can establish connections ); In the game, players will be encouraged to create teams and space cities, integrate resources to gain a competitive advantage, and POLIS tokens will play an important role in governance.

According to the size of the ship, it will be divided into seven levels: primary, small, medium, large, capital, commander, and fearless. Each type of warship will have different types or attributes. And players can personally drive the spacecraft into space and experience the immersive feeling.

Token economy : There are two kinds of tokens in the game, namely: ATLAS (in-game tokens), a total of 36 billion, as in-game tokens, can be used to purchase spacecraft, crew, land and equipment, hold ATLAS to purchase spacecraft You will get a 40% discount when you purchase or components; POLIS (governance tokens), a total of 360 million, can formulate rules and laws by participating in the parliament, and you can get a 40% discount when you hold POLIS to purchase land and fleets.

ATLAS distribution method :

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

POLIS distribution method :

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Play to earn : The game adopts a unique time incentive method, which will issue a part of the reward based on the time the player spends. In addition, players can earn profits through galaxy exploration mining, be a pirate to steal the income of ships, be a bounty hunter, be a crew member, etc. The rich content of the game brings a variety of income methods to the players.

Team information : According to public disclosure, the team has 35 people and 4 decision-makers (Michael Wagner, who has been engaged in blockchain venture capital since 2013 and has many years of experience in the game field; Jacob Floyd has participated in games and blocks many times. Chain development, 33 successful projects; Pablo Quiroga has been engaged in venture capital business for many years; Danny Floyd has many years of experience in game development), 9 technical staff, 23 art and design staff.

Team members have participated in the production of a number of well-known games and well-known movies, including: “Star Citizen”, “Destiny 2”, “Dreadnought”, “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3/ 4”, “Halo Remake”, “Dead Island 2”, “Special Operations-A Line of Life”, “Beyond Earth”, “The Sims”, “Network Genesis”, “Warhammer Online”, “Lord of the Rings”, etc. ; Movies include “Watchmen”, “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “Captain Marvel”, “X-Men: Black Phoenix”, “Superman Returns”, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and so on.

Investment institutions : Moonwhale Ventures, Serum, LD Capital, Yield Guild Games

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Brief comment : The game content of the galaxy theme is full of imagination and creativity, and Star Atlas also brings us a 3A-level production and movie look and feel visual experience. The popularity of Gamefi has accelerated the rapid development of chain games, but Star Atlas Still straddling the era of works of the same period.

The production cycle of 3A games is long, usually takes several years of polishing, and is often accompanied by huge expenditures. The production cost usually needs to be priced in 100 million yuan. According to the content presented to us by Star Atlas, it is not covered with 3A science fiction. The small cost of outer clothing makes games, hoping to give players a perfect experience. The game will be launched in Q2 quarter of 22, and a mini game will be released in early September as a warm-up.

The world’s top game production team and film production team have created the world’s top chain game. Players who like it will like it very much, while players who are subject to the difficulty of getting started may dislike it; he may not be the most popular, but it must be coolest.

Project name: Aorory

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Official website :

Game type : RPG

Game tags : horizontal board, turn-based

Benchmarking game : Pokémon

Game content : The game can be divided into single-player mode and multi-player mode. In single-player games, players can follow NPCs to promote the development of the plot. Every creature defeated will get a corresponding NFT. These NFT cards can be used in multiplayer games. Help players to obtain additional items, in addition to each completion of a task will receive a certain token reward.

In a multiplayer game, players and players can challenge. Before the battle, the two parties pay a certain token to start the battle. Choose five items and cards to participate in the competition. The selected creatures will start fighting according to their characteristics, and the winner will get back the tokens paid. There is also a leaderboard mode in the game, which is updated weekly and monthly, and rewards with mythical items and tokens to motivate people to play the game.

Token Economy : The native token in the game is Aury. Players can use it to buy, sell and trade items in the Aurory Marketplace. The specific distribution plan has not been disclosed for the time being.

Play to earn : Players get NFT and token rewards through task achievements in single player games. NFT can be used as a fighting creature in multiplayer battles. Players on both sides pay for token battles as a means of earning and consumption. In addition, players After the challenge is successful, the ranking of the leaderboard data will be improved, and additional rewards will be obtained at the time of settlement.

Team information : There are currently 7 team members, and the members have more than 20 years of work experience in the game industry, as well as 3A-level game artists. The team has solid basic skills and good content presentation.

Investment institutions : Solana, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, Zee Prime Capital, Ascensive Assets, CMS, Genblock capital

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Brief comment : Judging from the game video currently revealed, the game screen is exquisite, the characters are cute and cute, the creatures in the game are similar to the elf, and the game is less difficult to learn, easy to promote, and acceptable to the masses. It will be higher. In addition, it may attract a group of players who love Pokémon. In addition, one of Solana’s main games has already received high attention. The game will start its internal beta in Q4.

Project name: Scallop

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Official website :

Game type : simulation management

Game tags : Q version, collection

Token Economy : The game’s native token SCA, totaling 240 million pieces, are distributed as follows.

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Play to earn : pledge SOL to plant scallops. Every Friday at 20:00 (GMT+8) is the harvest time. The program randomly selects one (or several) winners to receive Staking rewards equivalent to Scallop Token (SCA) ; You can also get rewards of tokens or NFT decorations by completing tasks such as joining 10 pools within a month.

Team information : Kris Lai is a senior security engineer in one of Asia’s largest web games, Donnie has many years of experience in game development, and Larry was a core engineer in the blockchain laboratory of a large Canadian bank. The team members are mainly Chinese from Taiwan and Canada.

Investment institutions : No financing has been opened for the time being.

Route map :

Foresight Ventures Chain Tour Collection | Solana Article

Brief comment : If Scallop is located in the game, it is better to position him as a liquid mining project with redistribution. Players pledge SOL. When the profit is withdrawn, a random user can get twice the value of the pledge amount of tokens, which is equivalent to right Redistribution of player revenue. Scallop may be favored by some small players, which is equivalent to a form of scratching with no explicit cost, but it may be difficult to get the favorite of giant whale players. After all, it is difficult to pay a large amount of pledge investment in terms of interest.

The content outlook of Solana chain games:

Each public chain, side chain and L2 are all laying out GameFi. For the chain game itself, the chain with high transaction speed and low transaction fee is obviously more suitable. Solana obviously meets the requirements and is in the known developing chain game. Among them, Solana’s chain games are of high quality and cover the multi-directional development of Star Wars, simulated operation, ARPG and liquidity mining, which better meets the preferences of different groups of people.

Among the above mentioned chain games, Star Atlas is undoubtedly the most exquisite and outstanding game. However, the difficulty of entering the game is undoubtedly the highest. It may be difficult for players to bear the need for a few days to learn how to control the game, and the game There are a lot of cutscenes in the game, and a national-level game content is often easy to learn and difficult to master. Therefore, the player circle of Star Atlas may be small. It is best to educate players during the preheating of the mini game; Project Seed and Aorory may be It is more inclined to face the majority of players and users, and needs to be polished on the product; while DeFi Land and Scallop are for the education of novice users and users with specific needs in pursuit of high income. There may be a part of the user base, but can it be done? It also takes time to test.

The rise of Play to Earn brings chain games to the next stage of development, but some games may place too much emphasis on earn and ignore play. In a zero-sum or even negative-sum market, the explosion driven by APY alone is often not lasting. Higher APY often requires more players to enter the market to maintain, and once a new high-yield game appears, speculators Will leave the field quickly, and the ones that can really withstand the big waves are often high-quality game content itself. Just like Aave and Compound in DeFi, DeFi will not get the most TVL simply because of high APY, and the same is true for GameFi.

We believe that a healthy game ecology should be that players are willing to pay for the content of the game, high-level players are willing to spend money for gameplay, not just for investment, and low-level players get economic benefits through time but not all for making money, only formation A virtuous cycle that can close the loop will allow a chain game to truly withstand the baptism of time, and an excessively high APY may greatly shorten the life cycle of the game.

We have been discussing the outbreak of GameFi Summer, who will be the ultimate beneficiaries?

I think the ultimate beneficiary may not be the chain game project itself, he can get huge economic benefits, but the game will always have a life cycle, maybe in the future he can be collected by people in the form of NFT, but the game content will definitely disappear Existence, just as the League of Legends in traditional games can accompany us for ten years, but after the next ten years we are not sure whether it will be replaced by new content. A content that can truly exist for a long time and remain active should be a convergent platform for chain games. It will have the dual mission of lowering the barriers to entry and educating players, integrating ports and traffic, and accommodating more people who want GameFi. For new players, please refer to GameFi Infrastructure Card Game? Who can become a new entrance for chain game traffic.

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