Coinlist Casper Option 1,2 token sale early sold out


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Seung-won Jeong] The Casper token sale held on the token sale platform coin list is being sold out every day.

The option 1 token sale on the 23rd was sold out early in 2.5 hours, and the coinlist Casper token sale option 2, which was held at 9:00 am on the 25th, was sold out in 13 minutes from the start.

Before the sale, Coinlist said, “There are more than 100,000 applications for participation in this Casper token sale.” In preparation for this, Coinlist has reduced the purchase limit and increased the number of tokens allocated to each step, and has also established a queue system for sales. Even with these preparations, when the sale went live, many people were uncomfortable with participation due to high traffic.

Casper’s last token sale, Option 3, begins at 9:00 am on the 26th. Option 3 does not have a lock-up period, and will be distributed in bulk 40 days after the sale. Participation caps for Option 3 are limited to $100 or more and less than $5000.

The CSPR sold in this sale will be used by users or validators to pay or hold shares on the Casper platform based on POS.

Meanwhile, Casper is about to launch the mainnet soon as a next-generation Ethereum mainnet platform in the form of POS that covers the shortcomings of the existing POW.

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