Congratulations to the debut of ABGA ‘GameFi Wave’ Webinar

Congratulations to the debut of ABGA‘GameFi Wave’ Webinar successfully held

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On 15th December, the online Project matchmaking Webinar——‘GameFi Wave’ jointly organized by ABGA and GameWay had its debut successfully.

During the Webinar, 7 ABGA start-up members gave their presentations respectively, they are Chalaxy, Formless, D.G. Pals, DOH, VBN, Memes Game and Gmatrixs. The event lasted roughly 2 hours. Thanks for every project’s efforts, all of them have brought their best performances. Each project has a professional and experienced background in blockchain games. Not only a good story background set, they also offer a wide variety of game modes. Based on great tokenomics, the entertainment of the games is also guaranteed. We believe that our talented start-up members have given their players more confidence that they could play to earn with the game in the long run.

We are also grateful to our special guests, WaterDrip Capital, Polygon, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital and the other Funding members of ABGA, for bringing wonderful feedback to each start-up project.

ABGA is a non-profit, blockchain alliance, co-sponsored by leading institutions in the gaming industry. We are optimistic about blockchain games, NFTs and Meta-verse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA related activities and investments. ABGA members will enthusiastically participate in building blockchain game ecology and grow together with the industry. Combine the Asian power of the industry to better integrate it into the global blockchain game ecology, And work together to promote the vigorous development and future of the global blockchain game industry!

The first ‘GameFi Wave’ has set out, are you ready to brave the winds and waves? Let us get you on board.

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