Democratic Party Lee Kwang-jae “I will use Metadium ‘The Pole’ to be evaluated… NFT is also issued”


Rep. Lee Kwang-jae.

[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Rep. Lee Kwang-jae, one of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates, announced on the 27th that he would use Coinplug’s blockchain technology to evaluate policies ahead of the preliminary election in early July.

Rep. Lee will be evaluated through the ‘THEPOL’ developed by Coinplug, a domestic blockchain developer. The Pole is a service that can range from simple content such as taste to policy evaluation through a variety of questions, and it is difficult to forge or falsify the result because of the application of blockchain technology.

The Pole provides ‘unmanipulated voting and polling services’ and ‘voter anonymity’ by applying the Metadium blockchain and Decentralized Identifier. At The Pole, you can directly participate in public opinion polls on various social issues, such as presidential support surveys and public petitions (signature campaigns). Users participating in ‘Pol’, which means surveys and signatures in The Pole, can receive certain Metadium (META) coins as a reward.

Rep. Lee will hold a total of three policy votes starting on the 28th under the name of ‘Gwangjae-type carrot policy’. Rep. Lee grants qualifications to apply for digital assistants through lottery among the participants in the evaluation, and if the participant wishes, ‘the right to wish with Gwangjae-hyung’ is paid in the form of non-replaceable tokens (NFT).

Representative Lee’s office said, “The confidence in the policy proposed by Rep. Lee, such as the start-up country, lifelong welfare, and balanced diplomacy, was confirmed through this vote, while active communication with policy demanders was provided by providing unique rewards such as the right to make a wish and the right to appoint a digital assistant. I will leave,” he explained.

“As the times change, policies must also change,” said Rep. Lee. “I will stand up to the people and come up with forward-looking policies to open the future of the country.” “Politics is about solving the painful problems of me and my neighbors.” I will do politics that are really weak.”