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VersaBank set to launch the first bank-issued deposit-based crypto

VersaBank, a leading North American bank in terms of business-to-business (B2B) digital banking and technology solutions for cybersecurity, seeks to launch a deposit-based digital...

MetaMask hasn’t issued coins yet, but you need to understand it

You must not know that this Ethereum portal with 1 million monthly active users has already begun to make money. Three months after it...

Ethereum 2.0 pledged liquidity solution Lido officially issued coins, fully understand Lido design architecture

On January 5, Lido, the Ethereum 2.0 pledge liquidity solution, announced the official launch of the governance token LDO and announced the token economic...

OKExChain mainnet enters ‘Genesis’ stage, 10 million OKT tokens issued

Crypto exchange platform OKEx has announced the launch of its OKExChain mainnet with 10 million OKT tokens available for early adopters. According to an announcement,...

“Mentougou” 140,000 bitcoins may enter the market. Has the bearish signal been issued?

Key points: The deadline for the distribution of cryptocurrency assets related to the Mt.Gox case on the bankrupt exchange will expire on December 15....