Lianwen’s preview next week | Grayscale Bitcoin will be unlocked in the largest single day of the year, and Paraguay will become the “second El Salvador”?


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Next Sunday (July 18) Grayscale Bitcoin Trust will usher in the largest single-day unlock in more than half a year, which will become the most concerned and “most worried” risk event for investors in the cryptocurrency market in the coming week. On the same day, the trust worth 16,200 Bitcoin shares was unlocked. In the past six months or more, it is rare that more than 10,000 Bitcoin shares are unlocked in a single day. On the day that this happened four times before, Bitcoin During the three trading days of the currency, there was a significant price drop, and it only rose on May 20. However, it should be noted that the market fell sharply in the two trading days around May 20 this year.

However, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has suspended new investment in March this year and has not yet opened a new investment window. Therefore, taking into account its 6-month lock-up period, if this suspension of investment is maintained, the unlocking of shares will have a significant impact on the market. The impact of this year will no longer appear after September this year.

In the DeFi market , SafeDollar , a Polygon-based algorithmic stablecoin project that was previously hacked, will restart SDO v2 on July 12 and allow migration from SDO v1 to SDO v2 based on snapshots taken before the attack. SafeDollar encounters on June 28 The hacker attack caused the SDO price to return to zero. The compensation plan announced by the project earlier this month determined the restart time of v2. Investors who suffered losses should pay attention to timely compensation claims.

The latest version (1.x) of the ethereum second-layer solution zkSync will be officially launched on July 14 after completing the code audit conducted by ABDK. This version will support transaction transfer, NFT, token issuance without review, and new launches. The event system, this mainnet upgrade will take two to three hours.

The mainnet of the decentralized oracle Band Protocol will undergo a two-stage upgrade on July 12, from “Guan Yu” to “Laozi”. Laozi’s mainnet will add scalable functions for on-chain revenue streams, better cross-chain compatibility, and better performance.

In terms of policy/regulation , there will also be some time points worth paying attention to in the coming week. The latest cryptocurrency trading guidelines published by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) will come into effect on July 14. The new version of the guidelines bans meme tokens, fan tokens, NFTs, and tokens issued by exchanges (platform tokens). Transaction of the four tokens within. It is unclear whether this will have a negative impact on the NFT market, which has recently reignited due to the popularity of the game sector, but investors need to take measures to deal with potential risks in advance.

And because of the previous Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Rejala retweeted and released Cointelegraph’s article on “Paraguay plans to propose a bill to make Bitcoin legal tender”, the article said that Paraguay plans to build a crypto center and promote clean energy mining, which may be on July 14 Japan announced the bill to treat Bitcoin as legal tender . Therefore, the market speculates that Paraguay may become the second country after El Salvador to regard Bitcoin as a legal currency in the coming week, but it must be said that this guess is not necessarily reliable.

The most popular NFT track in the near future will continue to be active, and the Binance NFT market will be launched on July 12th. The “NARAKA HERO” series of blind boxes and the “NARAKA HERO” series of blind boxes will be launched by the Australian NFT publisher MetaList Lab. It has obtained the IP authorization for the latest battle royale game “Eternal Tribulation” under the brand name “Eternal Tribulation”. The game was developed by 24 Entertainment Studio and NetEase is responsible for overseas distribution. This is another spark created by the domestic Internet giants and the NFT concept.

In addition, the multi-chain NFT trading market Hodooi will host the NFT competition of star boxer Tyson Fur on July 12. The digital platform RAM+ of the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai will launch the first NFT work of artist Cai Guoqiang on July 14.

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July 12

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July 16

  • The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will solicit U.S. Bank cryptocurrency usage

July 17

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