Looking forward to next week | Ethereum’s annual event “ETHOnline” officially kicked off


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The European Futures Exchange (Eurex) will launch Bitcoin ETN products and become the first regulated Bitcoin derivatives trading market in Europe.

For the Ethereum community and developers, one of the most important annual events, ETHOnline, will be officially launched next Friday (September 17). ETHOnline is organized by ETHGlobal. The event will include a series of hackathons and guest speeches. As one of the largest Ethereum events of the year, a considerable number of high-quality projects emerged in previous ETHOnline hackathons. This year ETHOnline will be held online from September 17th to October 15th. Registration is currently open. Thematic summits will be held every Friday during the event. The themes are “NFT & Creators”, “Governance & DAOs”, and “Development”.者tools”, “Merge & Scalability”. In addition, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Chainlink engineer Patrick Collins, Fluence Labs scientist Bernhard Borges, etc. will all participate in ETHOnline as judges or give keynote speeches.

The European Futures Exchange (Eurex) announced the launch of Bitcoin ETN (Exchange Traded Note) futures, which will become the first regulated Bitcoin derivatives trading market in Europe. The futures issuance will be launched on September 13, based on the issuance of the Bitcoin ETF BTCetc listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Compared with the US SEC’s repeated delays in its decision to approve Bitcoin ETFs, Europe seems to have a more relaxed attitude towards the cryptocurrency market. Randolf Roth, a member of the Executive Board of the European Futures Exchange, stated that “In view of the growing institutional demand for Bitcoin security risks, we are very pleased to begin listing these Bitcoin ETN futures on our regulated trading and clearing infrastructure.”

In addition, the voting on the proposal to destroy Loot contract keys initiated by Loot founder Dom Hofmann will end at 0:00 Beijing time on September 13. Dom Hofmann stated in the proposal that after weighing the pros and cons of destroying the Loot contract key, he agreed to destroy the key. The proposal also shows that at least 60% of people must vote for the destruction of the key, otherwise it will be retained by default. As of the time of posting, the majority of votes were in favor, accounting for 88.92%.

In addition, Cardano’s previous smart contract function scheduled to be launched on September 12 has been postponed to September 13 (next Monday). The Cardano development company Input Output tweeted on September 8 that it “has submitted an upgrade proposal for the Cardano mainnet to perform the Alonzo hard fork upgrade at 5:44:51, September 13, Beijing time.”

List of other key events ( click here to subscribe to the blockchain calendar )

September 13

  • Neo-CLI v 2.13.0 will be deployed to Neo Legacy mainnet
  • IDEX Opens IDEX v3 Hybrid Liquidity Solution to Partners
  • Block.one’s cryptocurrency exchange Bullish trading competition ends
  • Shield Protocol, a decentralized perpetual option protocol, will distribute SLD tokens obtained during the BSC Genesis Trading Competition

September 14

  • Solana ecological stablecoin protocol Parrot Protocol plans to open IDO token PRT
  • Cross-platform Vee.Finance chain borrowing plan on the line Avalanche main network
  • NFT second-tier solution Immutable X tokens IMX public sale event ended

September 15

  • MetaverseMiner on the end of the liquidity issuance of META tokens
  • Polkadot advance network Kusama launches second round and third parachain slot auction
  • The UMA team of the decentralized synthetic asset agreement will decide whether to continue the developer’s mining plan
  • Fixed-rate lending agreement Notional plans to launch V2 version
  • Integral, a DEX platform that focuses on block transactions, will officially issue governance token ITGR and conduct IDO at 20:00 Beijing time on the same day

September 16

  • The NFT project Cyber ​​Samurai launched by the Solana ecological AMM protocol Raydium will be listed on DropZone

September 17

  • Christie’s opens NFT auction with the theme “No Time Like Present”

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