The global DeFi alliance initiated by Huobi announced the second batch of members, including Curve, Aave, Synthetix, etc.


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Ten teams including Curve, Aave, Synthetix, Balancer, Zapper, Zerion, Loopring, Bitpie, Mykey and CoinGecko joined the global DeFi alliance and became the second batch of members.

Huobi DeFi Lab announced that ten global leading blockchain teams including Curve, Aave, Synthetix, Balancer, Zapper, Zerion, Loopring, Bitpie, Mykey, and CoinGecko have officially joined the “Global DeFi Alliance”, becoming the second in the alliance Batch members.

A month ago, the Huobi DeFi Lab and the global head team initiated the establishment of the Global DeFi Alliance , which for the first time realized the collaboration of centralized digital asset service providers and encrypted native communities and the collaboration of Chinese and Western DeFi communities. The Global DeFi Alliance has shown special significance in promoting theoretical research, technological development and ecological construction in the DeFi field, and has been recognized and favored by more.

“We warmly welcome the new members of the Global DeFi Alliance and look forward to cooperating with them in various aspects from user education, best practice sharing, protocol exchange standardization, risk management, etc., to promote the development of a global decentralized financial ecosystem.” Huobi Chief Investment Officer and Head of DeFi Lab Sharlyn Wu said, “With the addition of new members, the members of the Global DeFi Alliance have covered the core teams in all segments of the decentralized finance field. We still look forward to more builders participating. The global DeFi alliance will jointly explore industry collaboration without borders.”

According to industry insiders, as one of the initiators of the global DeFi alliance, Huobi DeFi Lab is using its own superior resources to accelerate industry empowerment, taking concrete actions to work with alliance members to promote DeFi innovation, and to bring global users including Asian users DeFi assets with valuable prospects. In the future, Huobi DeFi Labs will also work together with other alliance members to carry out more activities to accelerate the popularization and promotion of DeFi worldwide, cultivate a positive and healthy DeFi development ecology, and practice what has enabled hundreds of millions of people around the world to truly benefit from the development of DeFi. aims.

The alliance will hold a series of events and online seminars to explore cooperation opportunities between members and promote the use of various DeFi agreements among Asian users. Alliance members will also have the opportunity to cooperate with other branches in the Huobi ecosystem to guide their interest in Asia.

“Asia is undoubtedly one of our target markets, and we are working hard to develop our community there. All members of the alliance have made great contributions to the DeFi ecosystem, and we are very happy to be a member of the global DeFi alliance. One of the alliance members The friendship between each other can inspire innovation and cooperation,” said Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of Aave.

“Improving awareness in Asia is a focus of Synthetix. Cooperation with well-known groups like Huobi will accelerate our growth in the region. With the support of the Global DeFi Alliance, our goal is to expand DeFi to Asia, a huge and important Market.” Synthetix COO Michael Egorov (Michael Egorov) said, “DeFi is currently in the experimental stage. Different encryption economic models are tried and iterated very quickly. New algorithms are also quickly invented. In DeFi A winner in the field is likely to take over and rebuild the entire world economy.”

Michael Egorov, the founder of the Curve protocol, also emphasized: “DeFi is currently in the experimental stage. The pace of trying and iterating various cryptoeconomic models is very fast. The invention of new algorithms is also very fast.” He added: “I think that the DeFi field The winner may indeed take over and rebuild the entire world economy.”

In terms of categories, the eight new members joining the Global DeFi Alliance are all heavyweight innovators in the field of decentralized finance. Among them, Curve is an AMM transaction protocol focused on stablecoins. The recently launched transaction mining has increased the lock-up volume of Curve by 5 times; Aave is the leading decentralized lending protocol, and the lock-up volume has risen to First place, up to 1.55 billion US dollars; Synthetix is ​​a synthetic asset issuance agreement, and currently supports the issuance of synthetic assets including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities; Balancer is a non-custodial general automatic market maker (AMM) agreement that can be customized The Token ratio of the liquidity pool can help users automatically rebalance assets and is also a good asset management tool; Zapper and Zerion are asset management aggregation platforms for DeFi users; Loopring is built on the Layer2 expansion solution zk Rollup Decentralized exchange; Bitpie has 7 years of safe operation history, is the earliest and largest BTC wallet service provider in Asia, and one of the earliest wallets of Ethereum; MYKEY is the world’s leading Ethereum smart wallet service provider, allowing users Use DeFi for the threshold; CoinGecko provides basic analysis for the crypto market to help participants better understand the basic market elements.

So far, the Global DeFi Alliance has 15 official members, and other members include Huobi DeFi Lab, MakerDAO, Compound, NEST Community, and dYdX. All parties involved expressed that they will continue to maintain an open attitude in the future and welcome more members of the DeFi community to join the alliance, including but not limited to wallets, agreements, research institutions, investment institutions, security companies, traditional financial institutions, and universities.

According to the Huobi DeFi Lab, the Global DeFi Alliance is uniting cutting-edge and advanced forces in the industry to promote the upgrade of the decentralized financial landscape, find the best application scenarios, and jointly promote a more inclusive DeFi and better finance The goal is achieved, allowing hundreds of millions of people around the world to truly benefit from the development of DeFi.

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