The meta-universe barbarians standing on the border: How will the crypto world move toward the mainstream?


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Avoid places where mainstream people go all out and become a diplomat where you come into contact with them.

Original title: “The Barbarians Standing on the Boundary”
Written by: William M. Peaster
Compilation: Porridge Overnight

We are meta-universe barbarians standing on the border.

I forgot where I saved this excellent meme. If you know, please remind me!

No, we are not uncivilized savages, we are outsiders, so we have a different language and a different system than many people in the mainstream population.

However, our secondary language is in the process of producing primary literature. And some people in the old world call us dangerous invaders accordingly!

Therefore, I am here to call on us “barbarians” to unite together…

What are we waiting for?

The meta-universe barbarians standing on the border: How will the crypto world move toward the mainstream?

“What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum? The barbarians are coming today.”

This is the first line of “Waiting for the Barbarians” written by the Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy in 1904.

I think it will resonate with many of us. Why? As the writer Lidija Haas expressed in his new poem last year:

“The so-called barbarians represent another smaller group of people-they are coded as foreign, threatening, criminal-they can be used to frighten the people and justify any arbitrary measures. This category of people does not It doesn’t exist, but it needs to be fabricated.”

Think about how Ethereum, DeFi, NFT, etc. are increasingly beginning to face pain, and sometimes even a completely unfair regulatory boom. Or some ordinary people also accuse anything related to NFTs as outright scams.

Of course, we can defend these criticisms. Many Web3er and NFTer are willing to do so, but regardless of whether the opponents are aware of this, or even care about it, there is an undercurrent of anti-freedom hidden in their most vicious abuse. And began to feel that we crypto nomads are the barbarians in this equation, right.

Look, there are many reasons to go high, to face these difficulties sincerely, and to constantly explain things that others don’t know! Keep doing these things!

However, to be comprehensive, we must be realistic. We are increasingly being portrayed as modern barbarians. There are some interesting subtleties here, so I will explain further in the next section. But what should we do? In my opinion, we should first recognize where we are and then act accordingly.

Why are we barbarians

The meta-universe barbarians standing on the border: How will the crypto world move toward the mainstream? Definition of “Barbarian Clan” from Civilopedia

We are the barbarians of Web3, the barbarians of the meta-universe, or whatever you call it.

Of course, after restarting the legendary strategy game “Civilization”, I have been thinking about this issue recently. When I checked the Civilopedia wiki, I found a… surprisingly authoritative and fair definition of a barbarian.

Here, we need to pay attention to some key conclusions:

  1. The etymology of “barbarians” comes from the insiders of ancient countries, and they don’t understand what their nomadic outsiders are saying. These outsiders are not stupid, they just speak a different language and live in a completely different (and freer) culture.

  2. Therefore, barbarians are not retrogressive or isolated, but non-state people “coexisting with the state.” Barbarians resist clean rule, sometimes pirates, and sometimes the main extension of diplomatic and trade networks.

  3. Therefore, back and forth, countries tried to “control and appropriate” the remaining products of the barbarians. However, in the end these two aspects are interdependent and indeed coexist.

Of course, comparing the barbarians of yesteryear with our cryptocurrency-savvy adventurers today is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, but here are some striking similarities.

It is true that we may be frontier mavericks today, so to speak, but our relationship with “insiders” is an interdependent relationship. Those of us “outsiders” may say things they don’t know yet, such as Web3 and NFT, but we can expand their culture and trade networks. This is just a fact, our systems may be different, but they are not behind.

We may have had internal and external disputes, but the state and our modern savages can make everyone’s life better. This was the case in the past, and it is the same now.

Go mainstream

Because night has fallen, and the barbarians have not yet come.

These are the last few lines of Cavafy’s “Waiting for the Barbarians”, which describes the ferocious barbarians that everyone was afraid of before, but in fact they didn’t exist at all. On the contrary, the barbarians are more like fables than reality.

In this regard, this is how I recently read most of the mainstream accusations and criticisms against Ethereum and NFT. Some “insiders” treat us “outsiders” as monsters, and as we “monsters” do not gather in front of the city gate (because we have always been inside the city wall), more and more people will realize The “meta universe barbarians” do not exist at all.

Looking back, we have recognized our position, but what should we do now?

The stakes are high because if we make a lot of mistakes, then over time, cryptocurrency and NFT may only give way to the closed virtual world of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Fortnite + Facebook. This is not the future that anyone here believes in. This is not our original intention to become Bankless and “Barbarians”.

So what we have to do is: we go up where they go low, we educate where they mislead information, we build where they wither, we avoid where they go all out, we are in contact with them Place to become a diplomat. If we continue to do this, then we have a great opportunity to change the course of human history and benefit everyone.

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