Upbit, Google Play and Apple Store both ‘Popular apps #1’ Attainment


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On the 22nd, Upbeat, ranked #1 in the popular app rankings on the Apple App Store (left) and Google Play (right).

[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-hye Han] Upbit, a digital asset exchange, rose to the top of real-time popular apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

As of 1pm on February 22nd, Upbit ranked first in real-time popular apps in Google Play and Apple App Store, the two major app markets in Korea. According to the mobile data and analytics platform AppAnnie, Upbit also rose to the top of the daily popular apps in the two major app markets on February 20th.

In the second place in the popular app ranking, K-Bank, a specialized internet bank, was named. K-Bank is also Upbit’s real name verification account issuing bank. The surge in popularity of Upbit and K-Bank seems to be the result of recent interests of users in investing in bitcoin and digital assets have led to leading domestic exchanges and affiliated banks. Upbit ranks first among domestic exchanges with an average of 1.12 million WAU of mobile weekly active users (WAU) in the second week of February (2021.02.08~2021.02.14) based on the aggregation of big data platform company IGAworks.

An official from Doona said, “Amid the recent record highs in bitcoin prices and proving potential value with new financial assets, it seems that investors who want to start investing in digital assets are choosing Upbit.” “We will continue to work to provide the best trading environment for investors to trade digital assets safely and without inconvenience.”

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