Youth Justice Party, inauguration ceremony


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Kang Min-jin, the first representative of the Youth Justice Party, is expressing his aspirations at the inauguration ceremony held at the Yeouido National Assembly in Seoul on the morning of the 24th. 2021.3.24/News1 © News1 Reporter Park Se-yeon

On the 21st, Kang Min-jin, the head of the Youth Justice Party, said, “The behavior of the established political party to search for youth before and after the election without putting the usual youth life at the center of politics is a boringly repeated history.” I will cut it off.”

At the inauguration ceremony of the Youth Justice Party held in the main building of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul this morning, Kang said, “I can’t afford to make a table-top debate like a criticism of pure reason to young people. I will achieve a great Copernicus shift in politics.” The Youth Justice Party is not a political party by law, but it is a self-governing organization within the Justice Party that has its own budget and authority.

The young Justice Party’s inauguration ceremony was attended by the young Justice Party representative, Kang Eun-mi, the House Representative, Bae Jin-kyo, Jang Hye-young, Ryu Ho-jeong, the Justice Party member, Jang Kyung-tae, the Democratic Party member, and Kwak Kwan-yong, the head of the Youth Policy Research Institute, the founding representative of the Youth People’s Power.

Representative Kang said, “Who are those who blame the youth’s suffering on feminism and decide whether they are progressive or conservative with just the act of voting?” “Who is really interested in the life of young people? After the by-election, the whole political circle talked about, analyzed, and commented on the young man? “I do,” he criticized by defining the giant two parties as vested interests.

He referred to the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye and said, “When I pulled down corrupt power, the vested interests of progress were revealed,” he said. “Now, the only way to get better in Gaecheon is with stocks and bitcoins. Starting line gaps and stacked vested interests are stacked up,” he said. Fair competition inside became an illusion,” he raised his voice.

“I don’t know if the vested interests are relieved that young people are only asking for fairness, but we deserve more change,” he said. “What young people need is to redistribute power and resources, not substantive and partial support.” Emphasized.

“Most things in our society have already eroded their vested interests, and they will only pass on their resources and power to their children. They do not infringe on their power, assets, and real estate, and are ordinary without taking away what they have stolen as if they were mine. “You can’t create a win for the youth,” he argued.

Representative Kang said, “Politics, including the National Assembly in which only 4% of the 2030 young people have seats, is a strong place for vested interests. Any party has the vested interests that point to a young politician who made a different voice as immature.” “It is changing the whole politics of Korea. Changing politics is changing the lives of youth. The Youth Justice Party will become the innovation engine of the Justice Party.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Yeo Young Justice Party said in a congratulatory remark, “I am confident that the Youth Justice Party will grow as a key engine to change the uneasy lives of young people.” It will be a stage to do,” he encouraged.

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