Talks to Kyle Bland, Project Manager of Zada “The First Hybrid Portfolio Builder.”


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1) Give a brief introduction of yourself and your team, please.

Hello, my name is Kyle Bland (Project Manager) of Zada, my background consist of 7+ years of working in technology startups, scaling to ensure that all business objectives are met on time and within budget.

Managing the execution of a project from start to finish requires a keen sense of vision. I believe that it’s important to outline a clear road map so that your team can progress down the path that was set. I also feel that as Project Manager it is necessary that I am able to adapt to any climate change in the market. My role is to ensure that the project is progressing accordingly while maintaining our core values.

Mark Pulman (Business Manager, Listings & Partnership Director)
For 15 years, Mark worked as a Retail and Multifamily broker in the Western United States, completing more than $2 Billion in acquisitions and dispositions. During that time, Mark invested several million dollars into assets as a Limited Partner. Marks experience in business has allowed him to successfully bridge the gap between industries and flourish in multiple fields.

As it stands today, Mark’s most recent firm has been essential in acquiring more than $1b+ in assets for some of the biggest names in Commercial Real Estate, with more properties being added to the pipeline every day.

Mark is an early believer in cryptocurrency, investing as early as 2012, in companies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and most recently Shiba Inu.

At ZADA Mark has used his relationships and background in business to propel ZADA and secure partnerships with some of the most respected top tier businesses.

Allen Cubillos (Strategy Director)
A seasoned director of branding campaigns spanning various industries, his ability to send a strong message with or without words has provided a visual strategy that has not only turned heads but provided a foundation to further push the possibilities of blockchain.

His skillsets have allowed ZADA the freedom to be unique while still being relatable. Because Allen has the ability to convey a clear message, ZADA speaks a different language but everyone can understand it.

Chase Butler (Project Development and Social Media)
A prodigy of the content creation and social media space, Chase has forged strong ties to large scale operations through his foresight and ability to scale small ideas into projects with longevity- this has seen him gain a notable position in this space. Through his insight, he has helped to give ZADA an edge on the social media side.

Buddy Ball (Marketing Director)
A well-respected strategist in the crypto space, Buddy has through years of experience and knowledge aligned himself with some of the biggest projects of the past few years. A strong detail for marketing strategy directly within blockchain has seen his reputation go from strong to stronger.

2) Who is ZADA? What is your purpose in this crypto space?

ZADA is future, The first of its kind. At ZADA we aim to innovate and provide an alternative to the current. ZADA is here to provide our investors with the best options this space has to offer. ZADA introduces a whole new ecosystem giving its investors the chance to build an entire portfolio of new coins and tokens from one buy.

Being the first of its kind, a Hybrid Portfolio Builder that rewards its holders in a multitude of ways by simplifying the investment process and building a strong and varied portfolio.

3) Kindly share with us your tokenomics. Can you explain your hyper reflection structure and how it works?

A “Hyper Reflection” is anything with a reflection over 3-5%, ZADA gives a 10% Reflection in $ADA which is DOUBLE what’s typically seen in the crypto space.

With every buy and sell there is an 18% tax that is taken and distributed.
10% ADA Reflection
4% PancakeSwap Liquidity
2% Last Man Standing Wallet
2% Marketing.

4) You picked your first reward as ADA, can you explain why you chose this first over and above others?

At ZADA one of our main goals is to provide our investors with the best choice. We believe that $ADA is the best choice. At the time of launch, Cardano was at $1.70 and at the time of this AMA Cardano is at $1.90, in just under 2 days our investors have already seen the benefits of choosing ZADA. Unlike its competitors Solana, Ethereum and Avalanche, Cardano has not seen the same returns during this bull run and because of that Cardano still has so much room to grow.

When deciding to provide $ADA as our reflection we looked beyond the bull run and into the future. With Cardano being the eco-friendly option the choice was obvious, Charles Hoskinson has a clear vision and we believe without a shadow of a doubt that Cardano will be the go-to platform for many industries years down the road.

5) So at the beginning of your white paper you discussed your 3D imagery and NFT’s can you tell us more about that part first?

During the development stages of the website and white paper, we really honed in on our identity. The team deliberated for months on imagery, going back and forth on colour and textures. Every aspect of this project was important to us, from the choice of colour, to the development of the contract and down to the structure and design of the ecosystem.

The 3D imagery was carefully crafted and intended to be synonymous with the ZADA brand. As a team, we have chosen 3D imagery because it relates to our plans moving forward. Many members of the group are very involved with the NFT market so the connection between ZADA and NFT’s will be met.

6) Where will your marketing activities be held? Can you walk us through it?

We are currently focusing a lot of our marketing efforts on the Asian Market as well as the US and the UK. We are starting to get a lot of feedback and we can see the regions that are gravitating towards ZADA the most. We intend to build on that momentum and focus the bulk of our marketing in those areas.

7) How about sharing with us your technology and development roadmap?

• The Development of the ZADA
• Market Research
• Solidifying the business model
• Brand Development
• Creating the specific marketing strategy
• Initial meetings with High profile investors
• Securing Strategic Partners and Advisors
• Influencers recruitment
• Stress Test Smart Contract
• Expand Core Team
• V1 of front end website
• First round of listings on CEX – CMS,
• Coinsniper,
• Whitelist Opens

• Pre-launch marketing campaign
• Visual promotions release
• Multi-lingual video presentation
• V1 of back end website
• Litepaper
• Multi-platform visual marketing
• Presale
• Public launch on Pancakeswap v2
• Second round of listing on CEX – CMC, Coingecko,
• Whitepaper
• Certik Audit
• Core Team AMA
• Full Influencer Strategy Fulfillment
• Second wave of across platform marketing
• Investors of ZADA “E-meet-up”
• Financial press releases
• Commencement of Youtube / Google ads marketing
• Expansion of influencer and content creator base

• Transition to series 2 in the hpb™
• Negotiations with tier 1 CEX’S
• Core team expansion
• The Chain commences – buyback and burn
• Twitch / Discord expansion
• Website v2
• First live investors event in vegas ‘ZADA Con’
• Implement new marketing and influencer strategies scaled to the global market
• AMA with NFT Developers and core team regarding pending NFT release
• Youtube interview with core team
• Live twitch/ discord reveal of NFT Launch

8) Can you tell us about your listing plans and strategies?

In just under 24 hours ZADA has secured listings on CMC and CG. We are extremely grateful to be on such a respected platform. As investors, we have spent countless hours on CMC and CG looking through stats and searching for projects that would peak our interest. Finally, we have the opportunity to search for ZADA. The feeling of seeing something you’ve worked on being received and accepted in this way is by far the most gratifying. We are well aware of the work ahead and look forward to implementing various strategies to bring more awareness to ZADA. These are just the first steps of many.

9) NFT is still the talk in town. You speak about talking with some of the best NFT artists and Illustrators to be able to access some of the most exclusive art and collectible pieces in the market? Can you tell us more about this?

At ZADA we push to be forward-thinking and welcome all things new and exciting. It should come as no surprise that ZADA has a huge interest in the NFT market. We want to give our investors the best of what this space has to offer. So if we can bridge the gap between crypto and NFT’s by introducing our investors to a booming market that they may not have been aware of before joining ZADA then we will do just that.

The conversations have already begun and a few plans are set in motion. We would prefer to but we can confirm that when we say that we are the first Hybrid Portfolio Builder we mean just that. A Hybrid.

10) If you have one thing you feel all your potential token holders should know, here is your time to tell us?

At ZADA we aim to restore the narrative of the Long Term holders. We aim to be the best choice for any investor no matter the field. We want to build the ultimate portfolio allowing our investors peace of mind while being the highest return on investment.

It is our great pleasure to be able to bring something new to a space that is still so very new. Innovation is what inspires us, so we hope that those who hear about ZADA are open to taking the road less travelled.

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