Asia Blockchain Community Interviews OpenStream World “Livestream and connect to communities. Auto scale up infrastructure.”

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1) Asia Blockchain Community welcomes OpenStream team! Hi there, can you give an introduction about yourself and your core team members?

OpenStream World is developed by a team with rich experience in both technology and Blockchain. We have more than 3 years of experience in developing projects related to live streaming and the Blockchain payment mechanism, serving hundreds of thousands of users.

In addition, we have experience in community development for typical large projects such as Safemoon, AquaGoat, Yooshi,…

Khoa Trinh, CTO / Founder

I have graduated from HCMC University of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. After that, I worked for an outsourcing Company (TMA Solutions), then 3 years working as a Product Owner in a Vietnamese famous Bank (LPB), started up another tech base company before becoming Founder/CTO of OpenStream World.

Y Tran, Project Manager / Co-Founder
More than 5 years of experience in software analysis and design industry – more than 2 years in the Crypto market, experienced many important positions such as Business Analyst, Project Manager in domestic and foreign companies. With the ambition to create a transparent product, personalize the experience, save costs. He and the Founder are gradually completing the live streaming ecosystem applying blockchain technology to optimize the user experience, along with transparency between projects and investors through continuous AMA sessions. on the platform. From there, the investment in a project is clearer and more certain.

2) What is OpenStream?

OpenStream World is a decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events. Through the power of open-source software, we optimize the use of resources like computational power and bandwidth, and use crypto-economic incentives for bootstrapping and participation; there is an opportunity here to deliver an infrastructure that can power video streaming applications at a highly efficient price, and infinite scale.

Along with the proliferation of high-quality cameras and ubiquitous bandwidth, the belief is that this will enable video applications to be created that were never before possible under traditional, centralized cost structures. This technology has the potential to unlock communications, economic opportunities, and entertainment for society going forward. By providing the best possible portal to OpenStream World, we hope to seize this opportunity and fulfil our project’s goal.

3) Can you walk us through your tokenomics and structure?

Key Metrics OSW

Token Name: OpenStream World Token
Ticker: OSW
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Standard: BEP-20
Contract Address: 0xa21b0f29bc488df22bbd76b9fda8539ba9c11fdc
Token type: Utility
Circulating Supply: 387.600.000 OSW
Total Supply: 680.000.000 OSW
Max Supply: 680.000.000 OSW

OSW Token Allocation

Ecosystem Growth: 57.5%
Livestream-to-earn: 28%
Stream Node Forgers: 15%
Reserve capital: 7%
Marketing: 7.5%

Team & Advisors: 15.5%
Founding team: 6%
Development Team: 3.7%
Marketing Team: 3.3%
Advisors: 2.5%

Early Investor: 7%

Airdrop: 0.37%

Token Sale: 16,63%
Seed Sale: 8.6%
Private Sale: 6%
Public Sale: 2.03%

Exchange Liquidity Provision: 3%

4) Do you have a burning mechanism?

The token burning mechanism is based on the following rules:

Burn 5% of the tokens that users use to follow the channel on the platform
Burn 1.5% when traded/auction NFT on Marketplace.
Burn 5% of the remaining 50% of tokens when the project participating in IOSO does not fulfil its commitment.

You can also take a look at for more information.

5) What are some of use cases of your OSW token?

Pay for network broadcast fees:
It is essential for network participants to hold some OSW tokens. Developers have to pay for network usage, with transcoding and deployment services.

Staking and Securing the network:
We offer an opportunity for OSW token holders to earn a passive income with crypto, through staking OSW tokens and securing the OSW network.

Investors can use $OSW or other stable coins to invest in other projects that they support. Our IOSO mechanism provides a special method to protect the investors if they use $OSW.

Viewers can use $OSW to buy gifts/donate directly to their streamer idols.

Buy/sell NFTs:
On the other side, Idols can sell their unique digital assets in the form of NFTs. Especially, if a Idol were a vtuber (virtual idols/characters that appear in streaming/video services), they could sell their virtual wardrobe/sponsor banners in each live stream session.

6) Tell us about your OpenStream Core: A framework for Blockchain-based Video Streaming Web & Applications.

Due to the low-cost, open, and high scalability advantages offered by distributed, decentralized applications, there is already an effort towards the design of a decentralized web. For example, in the case of Content Delivery Network(CDN), some existing centralized solutions such as Cloudflare, have already started offering a “decentralized content gateway” via InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which can be used by blockchain-based applications for decentralized file storage and access. Also, tools such as Hyperledger Quilt already offer interoperability between ledger systems for payments and transfer value across distributed and non-distributed ledgers.

However, there is still a lack of technological capabilities for supporting video streaming in a fully decentralized manner. Hence, the proposed conceptual framework is designed to offer a modular, highly scalable design, where the application developer has the flexibility to decide on the exact type of solution (centralized/decentralized, distributed) to be used at each stage of the multimedia delivery, depending on the application requirements.

The Broadcaster
The broadcaster is an OTT service provider or a user who wants to deliver a video over the network to the viewers. To encode and/or transcode a video along with encryption and packaging, the broadcaster can use existing centralized solutions (e.g., cloud encoding solutions such as Amazon Web Services) or use decentralized transcoding solutions where various entities act as “transcoding” nodes to perform these tasks in return for payment for each task using digital currency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, etc.)

The CDN can be a centralized CDN solution (e.g., Akamai) or a decentralized CDN (such as VideoCoin and Theta Token), or a combination of both, as required.

Relay Node
The broadcaster can choose to use a distributed/decentralized network of “relay nodes” to help in the distribution of the video. Such relay nodes can help reduce network latency as well as provide high scalability. Music streaming applications such as Spotify use both the P2P network and centralized client-server architecture to deliver the fastest service possible to the end-users. Like transcoding nodes, the relay nodes get paid for the tasks performed using digital currencies. Finally, the video gets delivered to the end-users. The users pay the broadcaster after service delivery.

7) With various live streaming events, OpenStreamWorld open another world for NFTs Marketplace. Can you give us a glimpse of your NFT marketplace?

Traditional online events rely on centralized companies that provide trust and technology. Although blockchain takes over several types of activities like raising money (either by ICO/IDO/IEO/etc.), its applications are still constrained within a small range of events.
NFTs greatly extend the scope of blockchain applications with the help of their additional properties (uniqueness, ownership, liquidity). This enables each individual to link their NFTs to a specific event just like we do in real life.

NFT Tickets
Consider the instance of a ticketing event. When buying tickets in a traditional event ticket market, consumers must trust third parties where there is a risk of buying fraudulent or invalid tickets, which are possibly counterfeit or might be cancelled. The same ticket may be sold many times or obtained by extracting from valid ticket images posted online in an extreme case.

An “NFT-based ticket” represents a ticket issued by the blockchain to demonstrate entitlement of access to any event such as culture or sports. An NFT-based ticket is unique and scarce, meaning that the ticket holder cannot resell the ticket after it is sold. The blockchain-based smart contract provides a transparent ticket trading platform for the stakeholders such as the event organizer and the customer. Consumers can buy and sell the crypto-ticket from the smart contract in an efficient and reliable way rather than rely on third parties.

NFT Gifts
The practice of leveraging fan groups for casual communication within the community indicates that viewers desire deeper and richer interactions with streamers and other viewers. Besides multi-modal messages, some participants even desire to convey the feeling of applauding or remotely hugging the streamer, or being able to feel, taste or smell objects in the stream. Solutions on how to make such interactions less intrusive and interruptive, and how to control trolls in the face of new modalities, will be challenging to create. OSW will explore how to design customizable multi-modal gifts to support richer social interactions in live streaming. And of course, all these Gifts will be in the form of NFTs.

NFT Collectibles
Every creator, digital designer, or musician can be a streamer. OSW provides a platform for them to share their story, their feelings, their aspirations, and then to sell their digital assets.

Inspiring the Metaverse
Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space that allows all types of digital activities. Generally, it covers a set of techniques like augmented reality and the Internet to establish the virtual world. The concept stems from developments in recent decades and has made great progress with the rapid development of blockchain. Blockchain provides an ideal decentralized environment for the virtual online world.

Participants under blockchain-fueled alternative realities can have many types of intriguing use cases like enjoying games, displaying self-made art, trading assets and virtual properties (arts, land parcels, names, video shots, wearables), etc. In addition, users also have opportunities to earn profits from the virtual economy. They can lease buildings (such as offices) to others to earn rent or raise rare pets and sell them to get rewards.

8) How can we earn OSW?

If you are an Idol/ Streamer:
You can increase your income not just by viewer donations. Now you can sell your NFTs assets to your mass subscribers, directly and easily like never before. Your channel, your fans, your ads, your pricing: You decide what ads should be shown on your channel and at what price.

If you are a viewer:
View and interact with your idols, receive some amount of OSW.

If you are an Investor:
IOSO is heaven for you to grow your passive income. Verified high-quality projects need your support in their very early stages. You can get OSW as a reward for successful referrals of projects to other investors, or you can get back OSW back if anything goes wrong with your invested projects.

If you have hardware (your GPUs have too much free time):
Deploy a Stream Node Forger and let your hardware work and earn OSW.

Nothing above, you are here just looking for something fun:
Buy OSW on exchanges and see what’s going on 🙂

9) How does your roadmap look like?

We have a very precise roadmap. This is how it will look like all the way to 2023.

Q1/2022: Token sale
Token issuance
Release Website V2

Q2/2022: The first Products
OpenStream Core Beta
NFTs Marketplace Open

Q3/2022: OpenStream Core & IOSO Platform Open Beta
OpenStream Core Launch
NFTs Marketplace Lauch
IOSO Platform Open Beta

Q4/2022: IOSO Platform
IOSO Platform Launch
The first fundraising campaign on IOSO Platform

Q2/2023: Stream Node Forgers Testnet
Decentralize video streaming open testnet
Forging Demo
OpenStream World Open Beta

Q3/2023: Stream Node Forgers Mainnet
Decentralize video streaming open mainnet
OpenStream World official Launch

10) Give us a quote so we can remember OpenStream better.

P2E is the most talked about topic now. I believe Livestream to earn and decentralized the video streaming network will be the next craze. The demand will be very high especially so in South East Asia. Stay tuned.