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A Breakthrough Moment For Ethereum | Can Optimistic Rollups Scale Ethereum?

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U.S. financial celebrity: worried about large-scale inflation, buy BTC and leave it to children

Jim Cramer, a well-known American financial and CNBC column Mad Money host, said that in order to cope with inflation, he needs to...

HUGE CRYPTO NEWS! Enjin To Scale Ethereum, Plutus PLU, QuarkChain QKC, Ethverse, Uptrennd

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction 0:55 Crypto Market Update 1:30 Enjin ENJ Explains Efinity - Enjin’s Ethereum Scaling Solution 2:21 Pluton PLU Token — Liquidity Injection Programme 6:49 QuarkChain...

This Simple Chart Shows Why Bitcoin Remains Bullish on a Macro Scale

Bitcoin has sustained a strong drop over the past few days as legacy markets have undergone a strong correction after a record rally. The...

The digital currency of China to be utilised for small-scale transactions

The hype regarding China’s digital currency continues to mount as the first trial undergoes. The digital currency is limited to smaller transactions and it is...