AMA with Asia Blockchain Community and SHIBA RISE on 22 July 2021

AMA with Asia Blockchain Community and SHIBA RISE on 22 July 2021

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SHIBA RISE will be hosted by Asia Blockchain Community in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on 22 July 2021 on Telegram. This is also SHIBA RISE’s first AMA with Asian audiences.

SHIBA RISE was created out of spite for rug pulls and honey pots and the desire to provide long term sustainable growth investment opportunities and a safe place to invest for all. They are planning to develop a social platform that incorporates an integrity system, exchange, staking, NFTs and more. The vision is to create a platform where investors big and small can earn substantial gains through a network where integrity, honour and accuracy are of utmost importance.

SHIBA RISE is a direct fork of EverRise, with contract sets to purchase larger amounts during the buy-back process and the dev uses the whale (The Shiba) and the marketing wallet to protect the value of SHIBA RISE holders by increasing liquidity to raise the price floor.

“SHIBA RISE “Always by your side” superior tokenomics for long term sustainable growth. SHIBA RISE is breaking the barrier between meme coin and responsible finance. The age of pump and dumps is upon us, on any given day you can find thousands being exploited by Rug pulls and fraudulent projects. SHIBA RISE makes it a priority to use the tokenomics to provide value back to its holders. Instead of pulling liquidity, on each pump, SHIB ARISE uses proceeds to increase the liquidity and raise the price floor. When weak hands exit, the whale (The Shiba) built into the contract is utilized to buy back and burn, adding value back to holders. Your search for a long term sustainable meme coin is over, SHIBA RISE is always by your side and always looking for ways to protect holders value.” SHIBA RISE’s spokesperson commented.

SHIBA RISE is a hyper deflationary token and has an extremely fast burn rate. Tokenomics in a nutshell: 6% Whale (The Shiba, used for buyback and burn) 3% marketing (Also utilized to add liquidity) and 2% reflective to holders.

The Asia Blockchain Community is a brand operated under The community has been hosting more AMAs recently to let projects showcase themselves. “AMAs help us to understand projects more. It also helps our community to know what is in the market and what they should look out more.” Jenny Zheng, Co-founder of said.

The AMA with SHIBA RISE will be held on 22 July 2021, 8.00 pm Singapore time on Telegram channel

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