INT To Meet Asia Blockchain Community for an AMA on 12 August 2021, 8.00 PM Singapore Time

INT To Meet Asia Blockchain Community for an AMA on 12 August 2021, 8.00 PM Singapore Time

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INT will be meeting Asia Blockchain Community for an AMA on 12 August 2021, Thursday at Telegram channel

INT is a community-originated, breakthrough Intelligent Internet of Things project dedicated to building a trusted, secure, and open blockchain ecosystem through an economy of cryptography and tokens.

They have a technology-focused team that has been rapidly updating and iterating over the past few years, and they are going to launch the INT mainnet 4.0 on August 18th!

“This is a commendable achievement,” said an INT spokesperson.

INT has been deep in the IoT space, and while other projects are technically stagnant and hesitant to move forward. They are actively incorporating the latest current technologies to make the IoT public-chain capable of encompassing all applications in the Defi, NFT, and gaming categories, keeping up with the times and even surpassing the current.

When asked about their unique features, the spokesperson further added: firstly, we are compatible with EVM, which is very friendly to developers and they can migrate smoothly; secondly, we have an original IPBFT consensus mechanism based on PBFT; thirdly, we have a GASfee 50% destruction deflation mechanism similar to “EIP-1559”; Fourth, we can set up to 100 validators that is excellent scalability. You can think of INT4.0 as a new, POS, EIP-1559-implemented, better-scaled Ethereum in the IoT space, which will be advanced for a period of time in the future.

The Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) is a community based and run by volunteers in Asia. ABC understands the market well and is supported by a panel of blockchain and crypto experts and influencers.

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