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Three minutes to understand Olympus DAO: a fully mortgaged, free-floating algorithmic stablecoin

Olympus DAO uses two key mechanisms, pledge and debenture, to achieve its monetary policy goals. Original title: " An article to understand the algorithmic...

What could have activated this ‘Satoshi-era’ Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin was trading close to $33,00 over the past couple of days. This low value of the digital asset could have pushed a dormant...

Here’s why this ‘won’t impact Bitcoin, Ethereum’ and other cryptos directly

As regulators around the world wake up to the crypto mania, an increasing number of entities associated with the space are facing hindrances to...

How a drop in this Bitcoin metric can work in its favor

Yet another week followed by yet another incessant range-bound movement and seemingly tougher highs and lows for Bitcoin that sharply impacted the king coin’s...

Understand AC’s new work Protection Markets: Uniswap V3 LP Volatile Loss Insurance Agreement

Andre Cronje recently shared a Uniswap V3 LP impermanent loss insurance contract to understand its design ideas. Original title: "The Way of DeFi丨An article...
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