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21Shares Has Added Over 160% to Its Managed Crypto Funds in 2020

21Shares, formerly known as Amun, now has $100 million in assets under management, or AUM, posting major growth in 2020. Hany Rashwan, CEO of 21Shares,...

China added 10,000 blockchain-backed startups in 2020

The Chinese government will invest more than $2 billion in blockchain technology by 2023. Most of the registered blockchain companies are operating under the capital...

Crypto custodian Casa added a new feature to its app

Crypto startup Casa recently added new functionality. The new feature now allows users to buy Bitcoin via its app. The move was made possible due to...

Crypto.com just added a new feature for Bitcoin

Crypto.com trading platform just added a recurring buy feature for Bitcoin. The move came only a day after BTC reached and exceeded $11,000. The platform also...

Twitter Hacker Is a BitMEX Trader, On-Chain Data Suggests

None of the roughly 13 bitcoin (BTC) acquired through Wednesday’s Twitter hack have been laundered, according to chain analysis conducted by Samourai Wallet.  But whoever...