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Ethereum Classic partners with ChainSafe and OpenRelay to prevent more 51% attacks

As it grapples with multiple security breaches, Ethereum Classic Labs has partnered with ChainSafe and OpenRelay in hopes of increasing its defenses against 51%...

Twitter Promises Additional Security Measures

Twitter vows to add more security training and measures as the fallout from Wednesday’s wide-scale hack on the social platform continues.  Twitter said in a...

DMG Energizes Additional 1,000 ASIC Miners

Highlights: DMG completes installation and energizing of an additional 90 petahash of miners as part of previously announced purchaseDMG’s current self-mining has now...

Marathon Patent Group Announces Purchase of 500 Additional Next Generation S19 Pro ASIC Miners

500 Miners Expected to Generate 55 PH/s (petahash) of Hashing Power Company Estimates...

DMG Purchases Additional 1,000 M30s State-of-the-Art ASIC Miners

Highlights: DMG adds 90 petahash towards its stated 2020 year-end goal of 500 petahash of self-miningDMG used the previously...