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Bitcoin Address Activity Points to Ongoing Trend Reversal

Bitcoin’s fundamental strength has been growing in recent weeks, which is starting to be reflected in its price action. After an extended bout of technical...

US Treasury blacklisted a non-existent ETH address in connection with alleged Russian election interference

Earlier today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury updated its Specially Designated Nationals List, adding several individuals and a number of cryptocurrency addresses. One...

FATF’s Travel Rule may need to address the ‘sunrise problem’

While most crypto-users have welcomed regulations that are now being developed for the digital assets market, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing when governments...

CoolBitX Partnering with Elliptic to Address FATF’s Travel Rule

FinTech company CoolBitX may have a solution for countries that have not yet complied with the Financial Action Task Force’s “travel rule”.  According to a...

Twitter Hacker Is a BitMEX Trader, On-Chain Data Suggests

None of the roughly 13 bitcoin (BTC) acquired through Wednesday’s Twitter hack have been laundered, according to chain analysis conducted by Samourai Wallet.  But whoever...