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Few DeFi influencers understood what a bad idea $FEW meme token was

Notable figures in the decentralized finance (DeFi) community found themselves in hot water after joining a group to cook up a MEME-inspired token with...

Bitcoin’s obituary and a Starbucks blockchain: Bad crypto news of the week

It’s been a tough week for Bitcoin. The price has fallen more than 8 percent and dipped below $10,000 on three consecutive days. Analyst...

The Care Bears, Roger Ver, and Tesla shenanigans: Bad crypto news of the week

While Bitcoin stays under its $12,000 ceiling, you can take your pick of future price predictions. The Winklevoss Brothers say that the coin will...

The Great Reset and accredited investors: Bad crypto news of the week

Bitcoin was down a bit this week, stopping just above $11,000. That increase in volatility is only to be expected, say some experts, as...

Digital Currency, Akoin and Blockchain Voting: Bad Crypto News of the Week

It’s back to stability for Bitcoin this week as the currency continues to knock at the $12,000 ceiling. Where will it go next? One...