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Here’s why ‘we will see 0K in Bitcoin before the year end’

Here’s why ‘we will see $100K in Bitcoin before the year end’

The price of Bitcoin has been recording new ATHs this week and many have an opinion about how high the popular digital asset may...

Yearn Finance’s YFI Hits $50K Before Bitcoin as Grayscale Shows Interest

Yearn Finance’s governance token YFI reached a new milestone on Friday as its price crossed over the $50,000-mark for the first time in history. The...

[Aim Rich Investment Strategy] Bitcoin Uptrend Return… Over 40,000 dollars “before your eyes”

Aim Rich Cryptocurrency Investment Information (2021.2.4) ◆Cryptocurrency market conditions <strong> With Bitcoin (BTC) turning to an upward trend in one month, it is...

Why This Economist Expects Bitcoin to Range Before Seeing a Breakout to $50k

Bitcoin has been caught in the throes of immense volatility as of late, with buyers losing their edge over its price action The cryptocurrency is...

These Levels All Suggest Bitcoin Could Rally to $48,000 Before Peaking

Bitcoin has seen some wild price action today, setting new all-time highs before facing a 10% pullback that took place over the span of...