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DeFi has exploded, what is the development of the Ethereum ecosystem behind it

Written by: Alex Gedevani, analyst at Delphi Digital, a crypto asset research organization Compiler: Zhang Gaijuan The Ethereum network is full...

DeFi has exploded. What is the development of the Ethereum ecosystem behind it?

Delphi Digital analyst Alex Gedevani will help you analyze the development status of Ethereum's network activities, DEX, stablecoin, lending, and derivative products, and...

“Intense” Bitcoin Whale Exchange Flow Could Be Behind Weekend Crash

Bitcoin went into the weekend on a strong note, taking out $11,000 and holding above it. But after the cryptocurrency made an attempt at...

The rise of DEX: is it coming from behind or is it short-lived?

Recently, the 24-hour trading volume history of Uniswap, the leader of the DeFi decentralized exchange (DEX) track, surpassed the mainstream centralized exchange (CEX)...

GameFi new gameplay: social token COIN and the rise of “E-Den Syndicate” behind it

The author of "The Legend of Nakamoto" initiated a social experiment of personal tokens. Written by Piers Kicks, Partner of Delphi Digital...