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TA: How Ethereum Close Below $2.3K Could Spark Larger Degree Decline

Ethereum remains in a bearish zone and it traded below $2,350 against the US Dollar. ETH price could accelerate lower if there is a...

Bitcoin price drops below $34,000, pulling altcoins to multi-month lows

On May 21 the crypto market was hit with a fresh round of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) which sparked another, albeit more muted,...

U.S. Cryptocurrency Regulation Measures Bitcoin Below 40,000 Dollars

Bitcoin, which had surpassed $40,000 again, fell below $40,000 after a reversal of the decline due to a series of regulations by the...

TA: Bitcoin Breaks Key Support, Here’s Why BTC Could Dive Below $40K

Bitcoin price failed to stay above the key $42,150 support zone against the US Dollar. BTC is declining and it remains at a risk...

Coinbase (COIN) falls below $250, blockchain stocks sell off as Bitcoin dip continues

It is well known that as goes Bitcoin (BTC), so goes the rest of the cryptocurrency market, as time and again, major price moves...
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