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Oracle BrandVoice: Blockchain Gets University Credit

Among many college students, blockchain has a branding problem. “I thought it was synonymous with Bitcoin,” says Andrea Christie, a graduate student at RMIT University (formerly known as Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Melbourne Technical College). “Like many people, I thought that blockchain was electronic money, and it was a scary concept.” After studying…

SAP BrandVoice: Quantum Computers Challenge Blockchain’s Invincibility: What To Do Now

Timelines for the emergence of quantum computers may be fuzzy, but the threat they pose to the vaunted security of blockchain technology is profoundly real. Originally popular as fail-safe security for bitcoin enthusiasts, blockchain is making inroads across numerous industries, most notably as a track and trace tool proving the provenance of goods across vast…

Oracle BrandVoice: Blockchain, Autonomous Tech Help Keep ‘Fair Fashion’ In Style

At a sewing workshop in the South Indian town of Chittapur, a seamstress named Halima has spent much of her day cutting a new blouse pattern out of dyed cotton fabrics, embroidering the sleeves by hand, and then stitching the seams together before shipping the entire summer collection to retailers in Berlin. Halima is one…

BrandVoice: A Better Container For The Global Trade Economy

GETTY They’re ubiquitous now. But when they were introduced in April 1956, shipping containers triggered a revolution in global trade. Before then, goods were shipped in individual crates and barrels. This arrangement demanded careful loading and unloading, with no good way to make sure that different customers’ cargo didn’t get mixed up. A mechanical engineer…

SAP BrandVoice: Blockchain Trends 2020: A Realistic Look at Industry Disruption

To paraphrase a great writer, the death of blockchain ─ before its widespread emergence ─ has been greatly exaggerated. From top industry analysts, this is the latest batch of blockchain predictions, along with an intriguing video example. Accept that blockchain is in your futureDespite the detractors, companies are getting serious about blockchain. In the latest…