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Blockchain technology is helping Brazil reduce the impact of deforestation

JBS SA, a large meat processing company, is said to have been repeatedly criticized for contributing to illegal logging of the Amazon rainforest....

Blockchain tech is helping to reduce the impact of deforestation in Brazil

Major meat processing company JBS S.A., has repeatedly come under fire for allegedly contributing to the illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. They are...

Brazil’s central bank president says CBDC will be ready by 2022

Brazil Central Bank President, Roberto de Oliveira Campos Neto, announced that plans to have a digital currency by 2022. In an interview with Bloomberg...

Brazil joins the CBDC race with plans to launch by 2022

Brazil has announced the development of its own central bank digital currency. The announcement comes only a few weeks after the formation of a crypto...

Central bank of Brazil forms a team for studying crypto

Brazil's central bank recently revealed the existence of a new group dedicated to studying crypto. The bank remains skeptical of the idea of launching the...