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Bitcoin Near-Term Outlook Dim, ECB President Calls for Global BTC Regulation

Analysts assess the near- and long-term outlook for bitcoin while European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde calls for coordinated international regulation of...

Bitcoin Logs Revenge Recovery as Lagarde Calls for Global Regulation

Bitcoin prices drifted higher on Wednesday, breaking away from bearish calls as Christine Lagarde raised the need to regulate it at the global level. In...

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin calls for adoption of social recovery wallets to fight crypto theft

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin revealed his thoughts on solving the problem of crypto-wallet security. Undoubtedly, the crypto economy is in need of better security for...

JP Morgan Calls $146,000 Price Target For Bitcoin

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This gold advocate calls Bitcoin a pyramid scheme

Gold advocate and American stockbroker Peter Schiff implied that bitcoin was a Pyramid scheme and that BTC holders are compelled to convince other users...
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