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This one key Bitcoin metric holds the cards to the bull run

Bitcoin crossed $12,000 and slid under the range, yet again. Speculation with respect to an imminent bull run is almost unavoidable at the moment. With...

Tether flips Bitcoin: 20B+ on the cards for USDT in 2020?

The cryptocurrency market has provided an alternative to the age-old banking system, with the year 2020 at the fore of showcasing its ability to...

Cryptocurrency Cards: An Unnecessary Solution That Should Be Stopped

Crypto cards have become a must-have for many crypto services. Hoping to reduce the risk of blocking transactions, companies have been looking again and...

Binance Confirms Crypto Debit Cards Shipping to Europe

Binance has confirmed the shipping of its crypto debit cards to Europe following a tweet from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, or CZ, several days...

Binance Now Sending Out Its Debit Cards

After months of waiting, planning and testing, Binance has begun delivering its debit cards to customers. “This started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday,...