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Is the proposed UK CBDC ‘Britcoin,’ more ‘harmful than beneficial’

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), which are state-backed cryptocurrencies, have been all the rage within governments all over the world as many have joined...

Ukraine to push CBDC pilot by paying employees in digital hryvnia

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation is planning to compensate its employees with its central bank digital currency . According to Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, this...

Ghana: CBDC ‘presents a great opportunity…’

“G+D is providing the technology and developing the solution adapted to Ghana’s requirements, which will be tested in a trial phase with banks, payment...

MAS launches a CBDC challenge to attract FinTech firms into Singapore

The Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) has rolled out a global challenge for retail central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDCs). The regulator seeks to attract FinTech...

India’s CBDC plan: Here’s the how, when and why

India has had an interesting few months on the crypto front. Look at WazirX’s journey – the largest Indian crypto exchange went live just...
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