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Coca-Cola adopts DLT and Ethereum to improve its supply chain

Adoption of DLT by CONA was prompted by the need for an efficient supply chain. This initiative aims to sideline data to the ETH mainnet...

Bitcoin: On-chain data backs incoming bull run expectations

Bitcoin‘s price broke out of its stagnant market trend and surpassed its immediate resistance at $10k a few days back. Since then, BTC hasn’t...
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The Importance of Decentralized Custody and Cross-chain Swap

Decentralized FinanceDistributed blockchain technology eliminates custodial risks where users can truly own their tokens without the need to delegate custody to a centralized third...
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Ethereum: Ether is becoming 2nd-favorite on its parent chain

It is impossible to keep Ethereum out of the headlines at the moment. The anticipation surrounding Ethereum 2.0 was keeping the largest altcoin omnipresent...
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SIMBA Chain to Support Binance’s New Smart Chain that Features an Intuitive Version of...

SOUTH BEND, IN, July 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) SIMBA Chain, a blockchain disruptor that is making its name...
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