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Mint Ventures in-depth research report: Maple Finance’s institutional credit business tester

Is Maple Finance's institutional credit business worth betting? Written by: Li Yuxuan, Researcher at Mint Ventures summary From the current implementation form, Maple Finance's...

A quick overview of TrueFi V3’s credit model and new asset support

The arrival of V3 means two extremely important protocol upgrades: the introduction of the TrueFi credit model and the introduction of multi-asset support, starting...

“Why can’t I pay”… Cryptocurrency ‘Kimchi Premium’ confused by credit card company

In the so-called'Kimchi Premium' phenomenon, where cryptocurrency is traded more expensive domestically than overseas, more investors are seeking arbitrage (arbitrage). Card companies are...

Jump Capital Partner: Analyze the structure and development trend of crypto credit market participants

Why can the crypto credit market provide an annualized savings interest rate of more than 8%? Who are the main participants? Written by: Peter...

Glue and Credit Coins, ‘GOPAX CTC Go-Pie Fixed 30-Day Offer’ Release

Creditcoin (CTC) of Gluwa, a blockchain-based global financial service company, will introduce GoFi service, a deposit product of GoPax, a virtual asset...
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