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Blockcast.cc in-conversation with Anndy Lian “Blockchain is contagious, pass it on.”

Blockcast.cc: Good morning Anndy. Happy New Year eve. You wake up really early to take this interview. Thank you for accommodating to our timing....

Anndy Lian Lectures at Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip Supported by Ministry of Education Singapore:...

“Blockchain is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We must find a customized solution that truly matches commercial needs.” —Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY On January 9th-11th...

Rising Blockchain Developer Salaries May Not Mean Increasing Crypto Activity

Despite the 80 percent correction in the crypto market, blockchain developers are making $130,000 to $180,000 a year. But, the rising salaries of blockchain developers do not necessarily translate to an increase in developer activity in the crypto sector. Too…
Shania WEN BHEX VP of Global Marketing e1571390640579

Shania WEN(文杉), Global Marketing VP of BHEX: 不要追逐风,要成为风。

Blockcast.cc:今天十分荣幸邀请到BHEX的团队来到Blockcast.cc, 我们将对BHEX团队进行系列专访,请大家持续关注!文杉, 欢迎来到Blockcast.cc, 请您简单介绍一下您自己。 Blockcast.cc:Hi Shania, welcome to Blockcast.cc! Great to have you and your team here! First of all, can you introduce yourself? Shania: 大家好, 我是文杉,毕业于中欧商学院EMBA,华中科技大学本科。毕业就职腾讯担任产品经理,后7年百度工作经验,负责百度移动云多款亿级APP运营。2014-2018年任互联网金融APP借贷宝创始合伙人,市场副总裁,完整操盘借贷宝从0到1.38亿用户的品牌、市场、运营工作。在市场公关与品牌领域有超过十年业务管理和实战经验。 Shania:...

Israel’s Central Bank Seeks Public Input in Crypto Regulation Initiative

TweetShare Seal of the Bank of Israel The central bank of Israel and various other government agencies are seeking input from the public regarding the regulation of virtual assets. According to a statement released by the Bank of Israel, there is a need to monitor developments in the digital assets space and understand their implications…
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