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Litecoin, Elrond, Dash Price Analysis: 10 April

Litecoin needed stronger cues to climb above $244.2 resistance, but its long-term prediction was still bullish. Elrond could break down from an ascending channel...

DASH launches stDASH to offer users staking rewards and DeFi access

DASH, a payments-focused crypto project, has rolled out stakedDASH (stDASH), creating a bridge to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. A press release was shared on March...

Dash (DASH) pushes to $300 and creates a double top: What’s next?

Dash (DASH) experienced three days of extreme price volatility. What’s the reason behind this price fluctuation, and should you buy some DASH now? Fundamental analysis:...

Polkadot, EOS, Dash Price Analysis: 12 February

Is the alt season finally here? That’s a tricky question to answer right now. While yes, much of the altcoin market is hiking on...

Bitcoin Cash, Synthetix, Dash Price Analysis: 23 January

Bitcoin Cash traded close to the $426.4-support level and awaited cues from Bitcoin for a definitive move forward. SNX moved back above its...