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Kraken Boss Expects Crypto Firms to Replace Banks Within The Decade

Jesse Powell, the Kraken CEO, said crypto companies pose a real threat to traditional finance. While some legacy businesses are making moves into the...

BTC was best-performing asset of past decade by 900%

Over the past ten years, Bitcoin has beaten out all over asset classes by at least a factor of 10. The milestone was noted by...

Bullish For Bitcoin: US Inflation Expectation Breaks Out From Decade Long Downtrend

Among the many reasons Bitcoin turned bullish in 2020, was primarily due to the sudden fear of inflation caused by unprecedented money printing. Each...

Bitcoin Closes 2020 As Best Performing Asset Of The Last Decade

Today is the last day of 2020 — a year so many are ready to say goodbye to and never look back at. But...

Bitcoin mining: the next decade of innovation in the crypto industry

Since the birth of the first cryptocurrency more than ten years ago, many people have often expressed doubts about its legality, and some even...
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