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“Some institutional investors profited from BTC during the Bitcoin decline”

CoinShares mentioned that there was a significant institutional product leak last week. This means that some institutions have made profits during the...

Underground stolen card forum to close after making profits during Bitcoin rally

Cybersecurity research company Gemini Advisory found that Joker’s Stash, a dark web carding marketplace will reportedly shut down by next month. Their blog...

Coinbase Trends On Twitter For Downtime During Bitcoin Break Above $40K

Bitcoin momentarily blasted above $40,000 today, doubling its previous peak set back in 2017. A huge rejection took place shortly after the level was...

Bulls Bleed: Bitcoin Liquidates $400m in 15 Minutes During Overnight Crash

Bitcoin has seen some wild price action as of late that has put a short-term end to the cryptocurrency’s extended parabolic uptrend. Where the market...

Crucial Alts During BTC Volatility: Ethereum, PPAY, Aelf, YfDFI, Zilliqa,

Plasma.Finance (PPAY) Uniswap Update (+35%) | $200 Bitcoin Giveaway (Altcoin Buzz and AAX Exchange) | Aelf Blockchain Mainnet 1.0 Launch | YfDFI...
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