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Arte completes the most expensive crypto real estate deal in the US

Alex Sapir and Giovanni Fasciano, the developers of Arte Surfside, a condominium complex in the Surfside District of Miami Beach, Florida, have set the...

Woo Won-sik “Opposite real estate tax relief, you shouldn’t tax cryptocurrency”‘

In addition, Rep. Woo Won-sik, who ran for the Democratic Party's next party presidential election, said on the 27th that he was opposed...

LA Real Estate Mogul Buys Bitcoin, Accepts BTC For Rent

A massive LA-based luxury real estate firm has begun accepting Bitcoin for rent payments. In addition to loading up on BTC for its corporate reserves,...

Cryptocurrency trading site Kobit, ‘Virtual Real Estate Business and Investment Guide’ Publication

Kobit, a domestic cryptocurrency trading site, announced on the 26th that it has published'Guidelines for Virtual Real Estate (Cryptocurrency) Business and Investment' together...

Launched Korea’s first online real estate auction “Auction Night” service

The first digital real estate auction platform'Auction Night' in Korea operated by Next Ivy (CEO Jeon Young-hoon) will launch its official service...
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