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CZZ & Uniswap: Accepting only 1000 ETH from the Liquidity Providers

CZZ, a decentralized financial infrastructure public chain is officially launched on Uniswap. This activity is only accepting 1000 ETH from the liquidity providers. And...

Why Won’t Bitcoin Rally?, Is XRP Undervalued?, Bitcoin Breakout Pattern & Selling ETH Holding...

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New InstallAware X12 Enables Direct Ethereum (ETH) Payments to Setup Developers; Recording Purchases on...

InstallAware X12 ships amidst the fifth re-branding of InstallShield (Macrovision, Acresso, Flexera, Revenera), innovating with the first blockchain payments for installsSAN FRANCISCO, June ...

#Nodesblock blockchain developers want more programmers to join the #blockchain industry

Nodesblock blockchain development services covers decentralized solutions for multiple industries from finance, medical to gaming. They want to attract more developers to join the...

Almost $500,000 in Ethereum Classic coin stolen by forking its blockchain

Rollback attack let attackers spent 88,500 previously spent coins.
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