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Nimiq OASIS: Making cryptocurrency accessible, usable, and secure for everyone

Nimiq is a non-profit and open source project founded by some, developed by many and owned by none. It is a community-driven...

Alpha Impact Brings Professional Trading Strategies to Everyone

After over a decade of ups and downs, it finally seems like cryptocurrency is here to stay. The value of one bitcoin has risen...

PlasmaPay: Delivering Decentralized Finance to Everyone

What is Plasma Pay and what are your goals? | What are the differences between building on Ethereum and Binance chain? |...

When everyone ridiculed MakerDAO for three years

When the value of MakerDAO returned, the price exceeded $1,900, and the total valuation reached $1.7 billion, I wrote this essay with feelings. (Hereinafter...

Digital banking: How DeFi can lower costs for everyone

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is often characterized as a movement that could unseat traditional banks once and for all — eliminating intermediaries and giving consumers...
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