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Bank of England Used as Bitcoin Advertising Board Stoking Inflationary Fears

In a bid to wake people to the dangers of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), a message that read “printing money is stealing from the...

Cuban Expects Number of Bitcoin Hodlers to Double, But Ban Fears Still Linger

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, thinks the number of Bitcoin hodlers could more than double. Estimates put the current number...

[Aim Rich Investment Strategy] Bitcoin, fears of short-term weakness turn… How to respond?

Aim Rich Cryptocurrency Investment Information (2021.2.23) ◆Cryptocurrency market conditions <weak> The cryptocurrency market, which rebounded after the plunge, is being pushed back to...

‘Companies will invest in Bitcoin over inflation fears’

Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano shared his opinion on where Bitcoin is heading, especially amid a volatile week that saw the asset reach...

Fears of Bearish Correction Loom as Bitcoin OTC Deals Plunge

Bitcoin faces the prospects of undergoing a massive downside correction as on-chain data shows a plunge in its over-the-counter deals. According to data fetched by...