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A quick overview of the history of Bitcoin’s 3 flash crashes

Author: Die Zeit reporter Hou Yu-ming From a record high to a rapid plunge, the price of Bitcoin has played a "roller coaster". After...

Ethereum and Bitcoin FLASH CRASH! What’s Next for Crypto?

Financial Times Covers Bitcoin | Mike Novogratz and Raoul Pal BTC Bullishness | Did you BTFD | Crypto.com CRO Updates | Skyrocketing...

Warp Finance loses $7.7 million in flash loan Defi hack

Warp Finance says it will replace most of the stolen funds from the collateral vault. Hacker took advantage of the flash loan scheme and withdrew...

Is flash loan good or bad?

After a round of critical strikes, Flash Loan seems to have suspended the attack. Recently, there has been no hearing of large-scale flash loan...

Why does the DeFi “flash loan” attacker keep returning part of the profits?

In recent months, Harvest, Akropolis, Value DeFi, Cheese Bank, Eminence, and Origin Protocol have all suffered flash loan attacks. In the last six attacks,...