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DeFireX Announcing Financial Products on Binance Smart Chain Are Going to Displace Investment Banks

MOSCOW, Russia, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DeFireX implements high profitable investment products running on Binance Smart Chain. Someday investments in...

Is UMA price going up or down? Here’s my price prediction for March

UMA price has skyrocketed from $10.8 above $45 since the beginning of February, and the current price stands around $25. UMA was one of...

Bloomberg “going $100,000 bitcoin, the highest ever.”

As Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency (virtual currency), hits an all-time high in the Asian market, the price of bitcoin may exceed $100,000 (10,010,000...
Goldmando ‘Gazua~’… Bigger Bitcoin, Going More (Comprehensive)

Goldman Sachs and more getting into Bitcoin

While large Wall Street financial companies are investing in Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency (virtual currency), Wall Street's leading investment bank Goldman Sachs is preparing...

After Tesla There Is Another Huge Turkish Conglomerate That Is Going into Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have made inroads into the business strategies of some of the leading companies in the world. The recent announcement by leading electric automobile...