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Gold, Stimulus and a Futures Gap: 5 Things to Eye in Bitcoin This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) begins a new week above $10,000 and teasing investors with more gains — will it last or is a correction already guaranteed? Cointelegraph...
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Prominent Trader Suggests Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $15,000 by “Following Gold”

In the past few minutes, Bitcoin has crossed above $10,000 once again after consolidating at $9,900 for multiple hours. While it isn’t yet clear...

Can Bitcoin get in on the gold rush?

The prevailing market is a perfect training ground. While some assets are fairing very well, others are not. With the current and foreseeable economic...

It’s Time To Pay Attention | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold & Silver All Breakout Simultaneously

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Bitcoiners Are Not Looking for a Store of Value, Gold Bug Peter Schiff Says

A known gold enthusiast, financial commentator Peter Schiff said Bitcoin (BTC) holders are not actually looking to the asset as a storage of wealth...