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The co-founder of BytTree criticizes the Bitcoin “inventory to flow ratio” model

Charlie Morris, the co-founder and chief investment officer of BytTree, released a report questioning and criticizing the popular Bitcoin inventory-to-flow ratio (S2F) model. This...

Today’s recommendation | DeFi popular mining project inventory

Editor's note: Still know a little about many projects in the DeFi world? It's time to get a good understanding of the principles...

HashKey: Inventory of cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities and DeFi arbitrage trends

The overall trend of cryptocurrency arbitrage venues is from exchanges to decentralized DeFi markets, and more arbitrage mechanisms may be derived. Written...

How Miners Can Hedge Their Inventory to Increase Return on Investment

To a newcomer, crypto mining may sound deceptively easy — essentially, a way to switch on a machine, walk away and watch the lucrative...