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CZZ to join the Lights.finance liquidity pool: Liquidity mining starts on 4 October 2020

CZZ will join Lights.finance on 4 October 2020, at 22:04.   What is Lights.finance?  Lights.finance is the world's first liquid financial distribution platform, a DeFi distribution platform...

Curve, Aave, Synthetix and 7 others join Global DeFi Alliance

Huobi’s decentralized finance consortium, dubbed the Global DeFi Alliance, has welcomed 10 new members — bringing its total membership to 15. The new members comprise...

Exchanges join DoJ in taking on Bitcoin, Ethereum-laundering Lazarus Group

A recent report released by Chainalysis revealed how U.S officials including the FBI, among other agencies, investigated the recent case of cryptocurrencies stolen by...

100,000 Join Cointelegraph’s Blockchain Week Event in China

Around 100,000 people in total attended the 2020 Great Bay Area International Blockchain Week, hosted by Cointelegraph China and Cointelegraph in Shenzhen's Great Bay...