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Justin Sun Offers $50M Dogecoin For TRX And BTT SpaceX Satellite Launch

Justin Sun has enquired with SpaceX to launch Tron and BitTorrent satellites on his behalf. He added that he’s willing to pay $50 million...

Justin Sun Donates 2 Million TRX to India’s Corona 19 Relief Campaign

Tron founder Justin Sun donated 2 million TRX to India's Corona 19 relief campaign. In addition, former cricketer Brett Lee from Australia...

Justin Roiland’s tokenized Rick and Morty ‘crypto art’ sells for $150,000

Animator and video producer Justin Roiland’s tokenized art piece has been sold for $150,000 in a silent auction on 19 January. The art...

The Future of Crypto and Defi with Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of Tron

Justin Sun is one of the most prominent members of the crypto community. His crypto story started in 2012, when Justin worked...

Tron Founder Justin Sun Arrives Late To DeFi Party With Chainlink Impersonator

The DeFi party and decentralized oracle boom have come to a conclusion, but only now Justin Sun has shown up with a Chainlink impersonator...